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E-Trade Financial Corporation offre une plateforme de négociation électronique pour négocier des actifs financiers, y compris des actions ordinaires, des actions privilégiées, des contrats à terme, des fonds négociés en bourse, des options, des fonds communs de placement et des placements à revenu fixe.

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E*Trade Graphique d'interruption 03/06/2021 12:50

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur E*Trade. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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  • Pantelwolf Pantelwolf (@Pantelwolf) a signalé

    Dear @etrade , I have had dealt with bad experiences with fintech before, but you are a league of your own. Ever since they moved us to your poxy service we only had problems. Your UI is a glorified Geocities, your support is limited to waiting forever on your US only landline,

  • alcolysol she/her (@alcolysol) a signalé

    your customer service is TRASH @etrade i just want my transfer.

  • btxj Brian Johnson, Fantasy (not Financial) Advisor (@btxj) a signalé

    @0001_Trader @HuntingGOAT @etrade I'm kind of hamstrung on platforms I can use (long story). HCMC not an issue. But Fidelity didn't allow LTNC or DRNK buys this week

  • 0001_Trader 🚀🚀 0001 TRADER 🚀🚀 (@0001_Trader) a signalé

    @btxj @HuntingGOAT Get @etrade and you won't have that problem! There is no limit to the amount you can put on 1 order. Buy all the $HCMC you want! #HCMC #HCMCArmy #HCMCToDaMoon

  • Santos4Congress George Santos (@Santos4Congress) a signalé

    @etrade your shenanigans are getting on my nerve, I’ve been trying to get a hold of one of your customer service reps for 2 days with no success! Waiting on hold for over 40 mins and then the call drops... I need to talk to someone ASAP!

  • senjn Senthil Kumar (@senjn) a signalé

    @etrade I placed a trade on 1st of Mar and after a full week of no update and multiple follow ups to CS, i am being told today by CS Exec there are issues with cust orders placed on Mar 1st. why wasn't this notified earlier, if this was a multi user impact?

  • sportsguy312 sportsguy312 (@sportsguy312) a signalé

    @FINRA I will be filing a complaint. Can’t access my cash! And E*TRADE won’t answer my calls! @etrade

  • sportsguy312 sportsguy312 (@sportsguy312) a signalé

    @etrade does anyone work for you guys? Can’t access MY MONEY for a week straight now and no one will help or answer the phone. @FINRA

  • trader_tropical The Tropical Trader (@trader_tropical) a signalé

    @etrade When I change my password, it should work once I try to login again. It doesn't and now I can't login even when I reset my password. ???

  • sportsguy312 sportsguy312 (@sportsguy312) a signalé

    @etrade Good luck. Takes hours and hours and hours to get In touch with an underqualified customer service rep.

  • sportsguy312 sportsguy312 (@sportsguy312) a signalé

    @etrade It’s awful! I just want to speak to someone!!!

  • sportsguy312 sportsguy312 (@sportsguy312) a signalé

    @EMC_is_a_CPA @jimcramer @etrade They are the worst. Good luck!

  • ACKKatie Katie B (@ACKKatie) a signalé

    .@etrade Horrible customer service.

  • PennyStockBaron Doji (@PennyStockBaron) a signalé

    @etrade Can’t enter any orders right now? E*TRADE down?

  • PennyStockBaron Doji (@PennyStockBaron) a signalé

    @etrade can’t entree any order right no? E*TRADE down?

  • TechGuySilva Mamu (@TechGuySilva) a signalé

    @etrade I just transferred stocks to a brokerage account with y'all but your customer support has been horrible and I will be liquidating as soon as possible and switching to another one. No way to speak to someone, absolutely dreadful

  • Sandiyarrr All in All (@Sandiyarrr) a signalé

    @etrade Fix your **** or do not charge transaction fee. Not even filling at market price?

  • justpersnickety Nicholas Edward Gaston Louis ☁️ (@justpersnickety) a signalé

    @etrade I wish we reached for better customer service ETrade is horrible 90 minute hold times EVERY time is foul!

  • strickamania SPACaMANIA (@strickamania) a signalé

    $TZA options not converted properly, atleast on @etrade. Anyone else have this issue? My calls still say April $7 and are ar zero bid @etrade4rias

  • MikeJGayda Mike G (@MikeJGayda) a signalé


  • wubville OG 151 (@wubville) a signalé

    The mobile experience on the @etrade app is 0/10. The customer service is -4/10. Been on hold for 1 hour and counting

  • tradeviewspy DD masked man (@tradeviewspy) a signalé

    @etrade why is it every f time the market shits the bed your l2 and charts stop working .. Wtf

  • DinaMarie84 Dina (@DinaMarie84) a signalé

    @etrade Pro f'd up all day again so far. FIX YOUR SH*T! 🤬

  • flintb22 Flint Beckstone (@flintb22) a signalé

    You need to fix your power @etrade app. WTF!! gains are all zeros.

  • flintb22 Flint Beckstone (@flintb22) a signalé

    What's up @etrade when you gonna fix power etrade? Everything is zeroed out.

  • misc464 barclay55 (@misc464) a signalé

    @etrade hold times are over 2 hours and they disabled their live chat so you absolutely cannot receive help! Everyone should cancel their @etrade accounts!!

  • misc464 barclay55 (@misc464) a signalé

    @etrade been on hold for 2 hours! please reply to help have someone call me or I will cancel my account

  • shitcoin_addict degenerate (@shitcoin_addict) a signalé

    Yesterday @etrade was reporting the value of one of my positions as worth $5 per contract when actual price *** $0.05. Today @etrade says a position that's <1% of my port is 99.97% of my port. Every day @etrade lags so much for the first couple hours it hardly works. Fix ur ****.

  • tradewdan DanTheMan Trading (@tradewdan) a signalé

    @etrade why does your platform keep slowing down during market volatility. The quotes in getting are completely jacked.

  • bri4343 Algo Bundy (@bri4343) a signalé

    @etrade Such a terrible broker. The worst part is you don’t care. You don’t care to put out a good product. You don’t care about customer service. You just don’t care.