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E*Trade Graphique d'interruption 01/26/2022 18:55

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  • Website 43.62% Website
  • Login 34.04% Login
  • Plateforme d'échanges 17.02% Plateforme d'échanges
  • Retraits 5.32% Retraits

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United StatesArlington Website
United StatesLos Angeles Website
United StatesFarmington Plateforme d'échanges
United StatesChicago Website
United StatesPompano Beach Plateforme d'échanges
United StatesHouston Retraits

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  • HSeemanNC Howard Seeman (@HSeemanNC) a signalé

    @SandraLovee8 @etrade Thank-you for responding. It seems to be working now as well as relatively soon after I tweeted my original tweet. If I was still having problems, I assure you I would of reached out to you earlier.

  • tdutch09 Wake & Take (@tdutch09) a signalé

    nothing more annoying than broken charts, then there's also @etrade pro not working today

  • GarrBrian Brian Garr (@GarrBrian) a signalé

    @etrade One of my stocks changed its name and symbol but the old symbol is still showing on my account. How do I fix?

  • BlueFielder ℂ🅰️Ⓜ️Є🅁⭕🅝 (@BlueFielder) a signalé

    @etrade Looks like eTrade fixed the $MOS chart issue. Thanks @etrade

  • BlueFielder ℂ🅰️Ⓜ️Є🅁⭕🅝 (@BlueFielder) a signalé

    My $MOS chart on eTrade is broken. @etrade

  • anikeshPrasad anikesh prasad (@anikeshPrasad) a signalé

    @etrade ever since you merged with Morgan Stanley the customer service has degraded. Non of the contacts numbers are reachable and you chat service executives are unable to answer simple questions and keep us in loop with copy pasting same statements again & again.

  • 24AheadDotCom 24AheadDotCom Backup (@24AheadDotCom) a signalé

    @etrade See the Prop 16 vote. Even in California, most people hate SJWs. Instead of endangering your brand, fix Power to make things easier for those who day trade shares & options: everything (current positions/orders), stops, etc all right next to the chart.

  • alshamsapparel Al Shams (@alshamsapparel) a signalé

    @etrade on hold with customer support and am told the wait time is in excess of 2 hours. How is this possible in 2022?

  • user484843 Anthony (@user484843) a signalé

    @etrade E*Trade sucks, 4 hour customer service response time. Switched my account to interactive brokers and never looked back.

  • AndrewBuckley87 Andrew buckley (@AndrewBuckley87) a signalé

    @etrade @MorganStanley Can we PLEASE get some help on the E*Trade phones!? Who has two hours to wait during the business day! This is just ridiculous at this point and I see countless people everyday asking the same thing. I think I’m switching to @Fidelity.

  • SFWTrades i $spy (@SFWTrades) a signalé

    How ******** did @etrade manage 20 points slippage on my $SPY call? It had a maximum $0.03 spread at any moment. Pulling funds at market close

  • PortfolioNW Rookie Investments (@PortfolioNW) a signalé

    @etrade I just sat on hold for 90 minutes to resolve an issue. Not even upset, I appreciate the security, but how about integrating a call-back feature? That would be HIGHLY beneficial for improved customer service!

  • PortfolioNW Rookie Investments (@PortfolioNW) a signalé

    @etrade are you having server issues? I can’t login and don’t want to spend an hour on the phone if it’s not my own account issue. #help #investing #etrade

  • StockRanger_ StockRanger (@StockRanger_) a signalé

    @etrade once again not working. When will will the lawsuits start for this company?

  • StockRanger_ StockRanger (@StockRanger_) a signalé

    @etrade once again not working. When will will the lawsuits start again for this company?

  • BrandiGlanville Brandi Glanville (@BrandiGlanville) a signalé

    I am so annoyed @etrade you have had a flag on my account for 3 weeks!! I have called twice and they said they would remove it. This is nuts! Please fix it

  • du0t0ne du0t0ne.eth (@du0t0ne) a signalé

    @etrade are you hiring for phone support? Literally been on hold for more than an hour to just get a new debit card.

  • osma Osma Ahvenlampi (@osma) a signalé

    Of course on the week that markets crash, @MorganStanley @etrade decide to inform me by (much delayed) paper mail that they want to close my account due to my foreign status, but won't allow me to execute a funds transfer out. Thanks. Not.

  • JakSlayter JackSlater (@JakSlayter) a signalé

    @etrade called you this morning to hopefully resolve an issue, but after I was told I would have to wait “greater than 90 minutes” to speak to representative I just gave up. I wonder how fast the other brokerages would be 🤔

  • 1getannoyed EverythingAnnoysMe (@1getannoyed) a signalé

    @etrade I have been trying to contact your company by costumer service for TWO MONTHS. At this point I don't want to give you my business.

  • 4WinnersUSA 4Winners (@4WinnersUSA) a signalé

    @etrade is locking accounts, restricting the ability for me to withdraw funds and after 100 min on hold no one answers. The chat is useless… their only answer is wait on hold. 15 years customer..you suck!

  • StockRanger_ StockRanger (@StockRanger_) a signalé

    @etrade get your act together!!! Platform not working. You are playing with people's money here. Not fair!

  • allen_rasoul Allen Rasoul (@allen_rasoul) a signalé

    @etrade moon commercial makes no sense. No to low gravity, golf ball would not fall back down to surface. Details…..

  • tobybatch77 Toby Batchelder (@tobybatch77) a signalé

    If anyone is thinking of using @etrade don’t. Absolutely the worst brokerage company in the business. They have my money and I can’t get it out. Hold times are hours long. Website is set up to make it almost impossible to close account or send me my check. No email option.

  • seanbonnolly Sean Connolly (@seanbonnolly) a signalé

    @etrade stop changing your damn margin requirement against $OPEN

  • StephenSeiden Stephen Seiden (@StephenSeiden) a signalé

    Whoever made the @etrade commercial where he hits a golf ball on the moon and it falls back down at his feet must've missed science class

  • blucosh blucosh (@blucosh) a signalé

    Sooo @etrade what happened??? Technical issues?? And then “We couldn’t find the symbol AMC” ?? Two hour phone wait times?? As an investor I expected better from you. #friday21amc #AMCNOTLEAVING

  • JDToMD JDToMD (@JDToMD) a signalé

    @etrade OMG. What the heck! The Power Etrade platform is not working just before the close and I can't make the transaction I want!!!!

  • RedFyv3 RedFyve (@RedFyv3) a signalé

    @etrade Your platform is down at the close?

  • DGonsch David N. Gonsch (@DGonsch) a signalé

    @etrade Down 10 minutes before the first monthly options expiration of the year