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Garmin Connect est une plateforme d'activités de santé et de remise en forme pour les utilisateurs de trackers Garmin tels que les montres intelligentes, les moniteurs de fréquence cardiaque et les appareils GPS. L'application Garmin Connect est disponible dans les magasins Google et Apple.

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Garmin Connect Graphique d'interruption 01/27/2021 23:30

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  • App Crashing 27.96% App Crashing
  • Panne de site web 23.66% Panne de site web
  • Caractéristiques en ligne 17.20% Caractéristiques en ligne
  • Erreurs 15.05% Erreurs
  • Panne de l'appareil 13.98% Panne de l'appareil
  • Sign in 2.15% Sign in

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United KingdomTipton Panne de l'appareil
FranceTarbes Sign in
SingaporeSingapore Caractéristiques en ligne
United KingdomLondon Panne de site web
ItalyPorto Sant'Elpidio Erreurs
SpainBarcelona App Crashing

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Garmin Connect Rapports de Problèmes

Dernières pannes, problèmes et rapports de problèmes dans les médias sociaux:
  • djstephfloss DJ Steph Floss (@djstephfloss) a signalé

    Anybody work for, or knows anyone who works for @GarminFitness ???? I need help ASAP!

  • sanguinesongs1 sanguinesongs (@sanguinesongs1) a signalé

    @GarminFitness Hello! Any info or links that help new users understand how you calculate things like Calories burned, Wattage etc? Just picked up a 530 for my bike and want to get a better understanding. Right now it's doubling the calories that other apps say I used. Thanks!

  • PaulKellam_2 Paul Kellam (@PaulKellam_2) a signalé

    @GarminFitness any idea when you will fix updates to VO2 max and Training Status - not working since your last software update. It has been reported as an issue several times on Garmin's website but no solution from you.

  • Flokkz4 FloK (@Flokkz4) a signalé

    @GarminFitness Very bad idea that you are not counting Zwift recorded and uploaded rides towards your batches anymore. Fenching your systems will not help you growing your community. Hope you have plans to change this asap again.

  • sina_cb Sina (@sina_cb) a signalé

    @Garmin @GarminFitness Could you please fix the Persian font on your Venu watches (and possibly others too)? All my Persian notifications are all messed up. :( It's missing a few characters, and some characters don't show up as they should.

  • jisampedro Javier I. Sampedro (@jisampedro) a signalé

    Anyone having trouble while using @GarminFitness Connect ? Workouts not shown in the app since trusted, even though I programmed few days ago and loaded into my watch without problem #garmin #running

  • manny_solisp Manuel Solis (@manny_solisp) a signalé

    Finally transferred all my data from @Fitbit to @GarminFitness but my sleep is not showing up :( Can you help @GarminFitness?

  • mswade41 Yolanda (@mswade41) a signalé

    @MyFitnessPal @GarminFitness So I am logging my food wearing my vivoactive 3 counting steps and both apps sync ONLY TO THIER OWN websites and phone apps. Both say that they will work Together Sync Together 😒plz fix

  • TheRealIJM Iain John Morrison 🇻🇨🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿📸🚵🏻‍♂️ (@TheRealIJM) a signalé

    @willpoole @GarminFitness @GarminUK Broken, mine says I've done 3,423 steps which is rubbish because I've not been anywhere near that active today.

  • jodirstar Jodi (@jodirstar) a signalé

    @GarminFitness - My Garmin Connect isn’t the site down?

  • o_illy o_illy (@o_illy) a signalé

    @SugahAintSweet @Garmin @GarminFitness I have the same problem. I see their are others that have the same issue. This watchband is really uncomfortable.

  • mowatb Barry Mowat (@mowatb) a signalé

    @GarminFitness @GarminUK how lings connect down for?

  • biancalprice Bianca Price (@biancalprice) a signalé

    @GarminFitness hi, I can't update my weight manually in the Garmin connect app. When I click the add weight button I get loading wheel then the screen stays black. Anything I can do to fix this?

  • Kineets Kineta Kelsall (@Kineets) a signalé de Tottenham, England

    @GarminFitness hey, I can’t connect my headphones/music to the Garmin Vivoactive 4 series - please can you help? I’ve disconnected from my phone etc.

  • robbiemacnab Robbie MacNab 💙 (@robbiemacnab) a signalé de Locks Heath, England

    @GarminFitness removing @zwift activities halfway through months challenges! First world problems I’ll admit but poor move with lack of notice! Maybe wait till start of new month etc with clear details that they won’t count. Back to the @apple watch it is! No more Garmin for me.

  • On2Whls Social Distance on 2 Whls (@On2Whls) a signalé

    @GarminFitness if you throw a live track error, why do you not also provide some feedback on how to fix the problem?

  • kashyab_19 KMN🏃‍♂️ (@kashyab_19) a signalé

    @GarminFitness Vivoactive4s is not receiving call notifications. Can you help?

  • Lloydy_2020 Paul Lloyd (@Lloydy_2020) a signalé

    Is it a GPS problem? Just put GPS on and went outside to get signal. Full signal and it was ‘ready’ pressed start, calories started to count. But the GPS doesn’t work indoor? So frustrating.. @GarminUK @GarminFitness can someone help..

  • jennaTMD jenna (@jennaTMD) a signalé

    @GarminFitness A lot of my runner friends and I are having some GPS trouble in Boston - messing up pace/distance, disconnecting GPS during run? Is there anything going on?

  • RunningCeeBee CeeBee 💙 (@RunningCeeBee) a signalé

    Have always been a huge fan of @Garmin @GarminUK @GarminFitness until today. Bought a Garmin Vivomove 3S & it stopped working in under a month of use. #Garmin will replace it but I have to pay around £10 to send the faulty watch back & I won't be reimbursed. Really poor service👎

  • RunningCeeBee CeeBee 💙 (@RunningCeeBee) a signalé

    Have always been a huge fan of @GarminUK @GarminFitness until today. Bought a Garmin Vivomove 3S and it stopped working in under a month of use. #Garmin will replace it but I have to pay around £10 to send my broken watch back and I won't be reimbursed. Really poor service.

  • IMFletcher2 Masked Fletch 😷 (@IMFletcher2) a signalé

    @JoelFerebee @GarminFitness Never recognizes when I plug in to charge. Bluetooth works. Plugging in always gives an error.

  • IMFletcher2 Masked Fletch 😷 (@IMFletcher2) a signalé

    New computer, same piece of **** connection issues with the @GarminFitness Forerunner. Some things never change.

  • pdorado_ Phil (@pdorado_) a signalé

    @GarminFitness please fix your forerunner 245 issues, shouldn’t take 20 minutes to connect on a new model

  • jkmhenry John Henry (@jkmhenry) a signalé

    @GarminFitness greetings, I have a forerunner 645 and the wrist heart rate seems to be going a bit wonky of late. Anything to do to fix?

  • jacomaverick Jaco Maverick (@jacomaverick) a signalé

    @GarminFitness could someone please assist me with the gps tracking problem i have been experiencing? no replies on e-mail, no replies on twitter so far, and phone support was no help too. @GarminSA @Garmin

  • v3r8um ıllıllı ıllıllı (@v3r8um) a signalé

    @GarminFitness Ok, now fix the shity Android app. Not even basic features are present. #FeatureLess

  • byte_mii Byte mii (@byte_mii) a signalé

    @GarminFitness app doesn't seem to be connecting this morning, is there a known issue? Syncs steps bit no sleep etc. Seems to not be communicating with myfitnesspal either

  • s_slosada sLosada (@s_slosada) a signalé

    @GarminFitness So ticket ID:18338959K1 is still happening. This time only recording via ANT to RGT (no Edge). My issue was originally reported in May, but now is very frequent. As a loyal Garmin user, I kindly request your attention.

  • sunnyspellsjp sunny spells (@sunnyspellsjp) a signalé

    . @GarminFitness @dcrainmakerblog Garmin time-travelling: My watch is recording today's activity as yesterday's or two days ago. It seems to be a known issue according to forums, & the date can't be manually set. Any fixes please?