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GDAX est un échange de cryptocurrence qui offre aux institutions et aux professionnels la possibilité d'échanger une variété de devises numériques comme Bitcoin, Ethereum, et plus encore sur un échange réglementé basé aux États-Unis. GDAX est détenu et exploité par Coinbase.

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GDAX Graphique d'interruption 05/07/2021 03:55

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  • Maverickteenxd Edward (@Maverickteenxd) a signalé

    @Splinxes That's not possible from Texas. If I try to convert on an exchange, let's say Pancake Swap, I get Binance-Peg Ethereum, not native token ETHER which is the only ETHER Coinbase or that even GDAX support for that matter.

  • BtczZillionaire zillionaireBTCZ (@BtczZillionaire) a signalé

    @AnthonyJK Coinbase wallet is where Coinbase makes a killing in fees for the convenience and it’s a gateway to crypto. Start CoinbasePro with the same login (used to be called gdax). Transfers between the two are free. Then, wherever you want to move BTC from there, used LTC to do it.

  • T70449016 T (@T70449016) a signalé

    @BMcbiffy @investvoyager @Ehrls15 100% bro. I'm a user case of leaving coinbase for voyager and I really value voyager. Tbh I never really had issues with coinbase, but I dont use coinbase for transactions, I use coinbase pro (used to be gdax) lol. Regardless, voyager wins

  • MCHTX7 MickC (@MCHTX7) a signalé

    @threadolysis @CoinbasePro Was this ever fixed? I just started getting the same problem even though I've been using CoinbasePro/Gdax for the past 3 years.

  • coinableS Harrison Bergeron (@coinableS) a signalé

    @bitcoinmom Yup coinbase count down to announce gdax, later to become coinbase pro. The animation was as disappointing as their bitcoin stack.

  • nathanaelmartin Than (@nathanaelmartin) a signalé

    @FEhrsam @brian_armstrong @coinbase I first saw it at $10. But I had literally no idea how to access it. Then Coinbase came along. My first purchase was $300. I still remember watching in real;time on GDax when ETH first hit $1,300

  • insiliconot 𝕀𝕟𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕠 (@insiliconot) a signalé

    So only thing gdax did was suppress btc, and pump scam tokens Bonus ftx futs for listing went -50% from expected 600 to 300. Nobody trades that **** tho so whateve. Gdax stonk bleedin, scam coins pumping. Pure pottery

  • Crypto_MoonKid Theta Research & Capital (@Crypto_MoonKid) a signalé

    @TraderMercury Literally. Agree 100%. Support is not existent, fees are completely nuts. At least gdax had 0 maker fees back in the day. Nowadays avoid at all costs.

  • ACFederation American Creed, SCH (@ACFederation) a signalé

    @soupcanarchist If the internet is down or GDAX's are forced to freeze assets... you are going to want to be holding silver as well.

  • SuperMoonCrypto SuperMoon Crypto (@SuperMoonCrypto) a signalé

    If your @CoinbasePro login used to get you onto #GDAX then you an OG in the #Bitcoin game 🔥

  • NefariousLegion NefariousLegion (@NefariousLegion) a signalé

    @zerohedge I honestly don't understand this - they are barely functional as an exchange with frequent outages, terrible customer service and have gouged plenty of people I know who bought on 'Coinbase' without knowing about GDAX/Pro. Is the value all in their OTC business?

  • divinci divinci (@divinci) a signalé

    @TheCryptoDog Problem is GDAX has run out of fiat

  • loshan1212 Loshan (@loshan1212) a signalé

    @SwaptySports @banksbrian @litecoin it was $420.69 on GDAX for a min but came right down. I think someone bought it as a meme, but a realistic ATH is more like $350ish.

  • snicklebritz Stephen (@snicklebritz) a signalé

    @willcole @pierre_rochard GDAX glitch and halt of exchange in 2017

  • mrtom31 memo (@mrtom31) a signalé

    @zhusu There are issue with GDAX especially when there is dump in BTC. Last one few days ago GDAX was inaccessible. During the drop USDC droped to of -16%. How can you win a trade like this?

  • cHADofBitcoin cHAD of Bitcoin (@cHADofBitcoin) a signalé

    @edwardcjack They’ve been ripping people off for years & years. Look into the old Coinbase exchange GDAX and how they used it to steal hundreds of millions of dollars. #Coinbase has been bad for crypto and bad for #Bitcoin . Walk away from Brian Armstrong he is a thief & a terrible human.

  • Mattia30615813 ilchen (@Mattia30615813) a signalé

    @AngeloniFilippo Notate anche voi problemi di liquidata' su conibase pro (ex GDAX) quando si scambia in Euro? Sembra che il prezzo di btc in Euri sia andato molto piu basso del corrispettivo in USD

  • hodlfox Fox says #ByeDon🦊 (@hodlfox) a signalé

    @davidgokhshtein I had issues on gdax earlier so I didn't buy and holy **** did I miss out lol my gdax works fine now of course... RIP


    so this is random and terrible but has anyone on here ever experienced their crypto currency go to 0 when GDAX got bought by coinbase??

  • caerbannogkitty Kitty of Caerbannog (@caerbannogkitty) a signalé

    @Jennicide I remember there was some problem with the ledger updates at one point and I actually sent it all over to Coinbase (GDAX back then) upgraded and sent it back - LOL - always with a test send - back then GDAX ate the sender's fee

  • davidpapineau David Papineau (@davidpapineau) a signalé

    Pfizer vaccine announcement has sent the stock markets haywire. GDAX shot up by 6% and then right down again. Looks like some algorithm couldn't believe what was happening.

  • triptami αminε (@triptami) a signalé

    @Silver_Watchdog Gdax aka coinbase is retail friendly, 1mil is max order that can be thrown at book, dmm's is slow retail flow focused. Whole exhange is build around idea of being safe for plebeians. Overall its very impulsive(random dude making random order every half an hour) and σ- in vol lad

  • CryptoDavid_ David Miller (@CryptoDavid_) a signalé

    @AntiSerfFren @colorado_crypto It is not an error. I was there to live it. If I don't recall wrong it happened in GDAX (renamed today to coinbase pro). It was a very very tricky thing. We never knew how they did it but it seemed and internal work from someone knowing the order book and placing stop lo -->

  • FelixOHartmann Felix Hartmann (@FelixOHartmann) a signalé

    @DegenSpartan I remember watching ETH wick down to 10 cents in ~June 2017 on GDAX in front of my eyes. Most saw an immature market that day. I saw opportunity.

  • m00nshakey m00nshake (@m00nshakey) a signalé

    I haven’t used GDAX in a while and it really made me lol how much they are pushing averaging down.

  • Bcpowderclark Brian Clark (@Bcpowderclark) a signalé

    @tigermike2004 @KoroushAK That isn't the real price that was a glitch on gdax

  • cameronsteele71 cameron (@cameronsteele71) a signalé

    @LomahCrypto Totally agree. I transferred $ to Coinbase cuz another exchange gave me an issue. Slammed a buy today. Then dropped my jaw. Cost 70 bucks. Transferred the crypto to Binance. Sold for practically nothing. Cheaper to transfer to Coinbase Pro (gdax) and trade.

  • GhettoFapulus NobodiesHero (@GhettoFapulus) a signalé

    I don’t understand how I can get a virus that forced my pc to be factory reset when u don’t even use the thing...I leave gdax running on it 24/7, that’s all. This along with the flash crash and gdax now being down is pretty wild.

  • GhettoFapulus NobodiesHero (@GhettoFapulus) a signalé

    Coinbase issue: I have a pc specifically for GDAX use ONLY. I have zero downloads on this pc aside from drivers etc... Today I came home and the pc said it had a virus, somehow. I attempted to log into coinbase pro from my phone and laptop and it’s a no go... Wtf is going on...

  • hodlfox Fox.exe 🦊 (@hodlfox) a signalé

    @nebraskangooner Yes and the they slow down gdax so no one can deposit lol