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HostGator est un fournisseur basé à Houston de serveurs partagés, de revendeurs, de serveurs privés virtuels et d'hébergement Web dédié, avec une présence supplémentaire à Austin, au Texas.

Hostgator Emplacements les Plus Affectés

Les rapports d'interruption et les problèmes survenus au cours des 15 derniers jours provenaient de:

Emplacement Rapports
León de los Aldama, GUA 2
Camden Town, England 2
Cancún, ROO 2
Mooresville, IN 1
Santiago, Región Metropolitana 1
San Salvador, Departamento de San Salvador 1
Birmingham, England 1
Mumbai Suburban, MH 1
Wakefield Junction, MA 1
Xaloztoc, TLA 1
Ulhasnagar, MH 1
Smyrna, GA 1
Alliston, ON 1
Philadelphia, PA 1
San Rafael, CA 1
Guayaquil, Provincia del Guayas 1
West Palm Beach, FL 1
Sycamore, IL 1
Panamá, Provincia de Panamá 1
Ibagué, Departamento de Tolima 1
Franklin, MA 1
Buenos Aires, CF 1
Bells Creek, QLD 1
Brooklyn, NY 1
Paddington, England 1
Guadalupe, NLE 1
Brighton and Hove, England 1

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Hostgator Commentaires

Conseils? Frustrations? Partagez-le ici. Les commentaires utiles comprennent une description du problème, la ville et le code postal.

Hostgator Rapports de Problèmes

Dernières pannes, problèmes et rapports de problèmes dans les médias sociaux:
  • Ur Favorite Virgo. (@Kyialache) a signalé

    I did all of my coding solo and created all of my content. Initially through a third party called "hostgator", and this small amount of knowledge just saved me another 22 hours and another $350. Damn.💓

  • Riad Kilani (@f1ss1on) a signalé

    @HGSupport I meant I fought for a week with tech support saying something was wrong with the server

  • Riad Kilani (@f1ss1on) a signalé

    @HGSupport This needs to be made public. I fought for a week saying something was wrong with tech support. They were saying that it was my site even though all my sites, ftp and even cPanel were affected. The stress that support put me through is unacceptable.

  • Follow @BeauMumford 🍋🌴 (@driftylandmissy) a signalé

    Ok, @HostGator @hostgatorsupport.... I have work to do right now, but later, I need to talk to someone at your company because I had serious issues with you this morning.

  • Flowinity Hosting (@flowinity) a signalé

    @wealthyashish HostGator is terrible compared to #Flowinity

  • joshua bruce bradford (@joshuabrucebra3) a signalé

    Im gonna give @HostGator a another chance to show me how good there Services are I hope they don’t let me down again!!

  • Hans J. Furfjord #FreeAssange (@Hans_JF) a signalé

    @HostGator I'm pragmatic in general, but I've sworn a blood oath I'll never host a domain at HostGator even if it's the last remaining domain vendor on the planet. Great commercials, HostGator! Nothing about your products, just a red-haired idiot that makes people loathe HostGator.

  • Hans J. Furfjord #FreeAssange (@Hans_JF) a signalé

    @HostGator I found that out by googling how to do it, and discovered the #1 reason people wanted to do it was the same reason I had: To avoid #¤%# killing myself from being forced to watch that ultra-annoying, soul-killing, psychosis-inducing red-haired idiot with glasses 1000 times a day.

  • David Szpunar (@dszp) a signalé de Mooresville, Indiana

    Hard to believe how incompetent @HostGator @HGSupport actually is. Wasted 1.5 hours with support on what should have been a 3 min DNS change and they managed to screw up something we didn’t ask them to touch…understanding DNS is table stakes for web hosting. Bleh!

  • Lászlóné Somogyi (@LszlnSomogyi) a signalé

    @HGSupport Thank you Hostgator. It was a long time ago, I was unloaded from my drawer and never let me in, never. I was trying to do it.

  • Alejandro Arias Padilla (@aariasp) a signalé de León de los Aldama, Estado de Guanajuato

    @HostGator can you help me with ticket MKK-55378685

  • Riad Kilani (@f1ss1on) a signalé

    Multiple sites on server get slow all of a sudden 6 days ago. One site, a single HTML page with no images and just a countdown timer loads 22s. Sites are getting 504s too. @hostgator still hasn’t fixed. #retweet to help get this traction. #webdev #dev #help

  • 👸 SEX HODGES 👸 (@hodges_sex) a signalé

    @ABC7 Considering their reputation for customer service, it is no surprise that many people consider Hostgator a benchmark in affordable hosting.

  • Mellissa Green coffee-loving Woman of color (@abluegreenunivs) a signalé

    @hgsupport I'd like to cancel my account.

  • Brian Walton (@B_Walton) a signalé

    I am at my wits end! It's been over 40 hours since @HGSupport has provided me any update on problem resolution. I had good cooperation on Tuesday but since, nothing. They keep telling me they will get to it. I've memorized their terrible Muzak songs while sitting on hold waiting.

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