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HostGator est un fournisseur basé à Houston de serveurs partagés, de revendeurs, de serveurs privés virtuels et d'hébergement Web dédié, avec une présence supplémentaire à Austin, au Texas.

Hostgator Emplacements les Plus Affectés

Les rapports d'interruption et les problèmes survenus au cours des 15 derniers jours provenaient de:

Emplacement Rapports
Mexico City, CDMX 5
Buenos Aires, CF 2
Quito, Provincia de Pichincha 2
Carmel, IN 1
Stowting, England 1
Indaparapeo, MIC 1
Guatemala City, Departamento de Guatemala 1
Atitalaquia, HID 1
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Prefecture 1
Del Mar, CA 1
Bogotá, Distrito Capital de Bogotá 1
Faridabad, HR 1
Bucaramanga, Departamento de Santander 1
Melbourne, VIC 1
Surrey, BC 1
Celaya, GUA 1
Houston, TX 1
La Calera, V Región 1
Tlaxcala, TLA 1
San Antonio, TX 1
Carlsbad, CA 1
White Plains, NY 1
Mumbai, MH 1
Tultitlán de Mariano Escobedo, MEX 1
Cuautitlán Izcalli, MEX 1

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Hostgator Commentaires

Conseils? Frustrations? Partagez-le ici. Les commentaires utiles comprennent une description du problème, la ville et le code postal.

Hostgator Rapports de Problèmes

Dernières pannes, problèmes et rapports de problèmes dans les médias sociaux:
  • Gregory Kohs (@thekohser) a signalé

    After over 13 years with @HostGator , I am strongly considering switching hosts, as my current host's customer service staff don't seem to understand my dismay over a 30% price increase, plus a ridiculous $10 monthly fee for cPanel, which other hosts provide at no extra cost.

  • Lalit Sahu (@z3r0v01t) a signalé

    @hostgatorindia @HostGator @HGSupport Thanks support team. I received refund on my Hostgator Wallet.

  • Lalit Sahu (@z3r0v01t) a signalé

    @HostGator @HGSupport @hostgatorindia I'm having issue with support team. I registered complaint on 20.05.21 they said you get refund after 7 days. I reached to support 12 times till now but each time said working on it. They also disconect my call, also asked to connect with Sr.

  • Brandon (@bc3tech) a signalé

    @HostGator any plans to support ALIAS records in DNS? Thanks

  • Martin Wickens (@mnwickens) a signalé

    Follow up on my last post, I know its not Hostgator, just the process of needing to submit info to buy a domain and then for legal reasons that info is made public. Still, I've bought many domains and never had calls like this.

  • scott (@custmguru) a signalé

    @HGSupport What's up with the support chat? I've been trying to connect for about 2 hours

  • Joe Youngblood (@YoungbloodJoe) a signalé

    @HGSupport Same problem your shared system always has. It crashes due to overloading and you blame the websites that purchase it based on your marketing. Y'all just do a poor job keeping the shared servers healthy.

  • Joe Youngblood (@YoungbloodJoe) a signalé

    Psst @HGSupport your support is bad and you should feel bad. Insane what we are seeing today. Fix these shared servers you admitted were not working right then changed your mind on please.

  • devourer snowbank (@devoursnowbank) a signalé

    @virginmedia its hard for me ok im gonna break down the issue into chunks - im actually on with adobe & hostgator at mo

  • Lindsey Mead (@lemead) a signalé

    @HGSupport I am appalled at how poor the support is and I'm paying so much for sitelock.

  • Lindsey Mead (@lemead) a signalé

    I encourage all bloggers to move off of @HostGator - they used to be great and now it's an absolute disaster. Site down for days and no help.

  • Digvijay Jain (@digvijayjainel) a signalé

    Worst Customer Support @HostGator @hostgatorindia

  • Mythic Fantastique (@LegndaryThreads) a signalé

    @ReviewSignal It basically started because I was frustrated with the BS "hosting review" sites, and friends and clients wanted more than just "I'd recommend these hosts... seriously, GoDaddy is crap... please don't use HostGator..." etc etc, and pointing them to a not-me expert worked better.

  • James Powell (@prob_solvr) a signalé

    When your web hosting provider installs your new SSL on the wrong domain and then makes you wait 24+ hours to fix it. Still waiting…. @HostGator

  • Eduardo Garcia Montiel (@lalogarcia123) a signalé

    @HostGator @HGSupport No contraten sus servicios, pésimo soporte técnico. Parecen burócratas.

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