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HostGator est un fournisseur basé à Houston de serveurs partagés, de revendeurs, de serveurs privés virtuels et d'hébergement Web dédié, avec une présence supplémentaire à Austin, au Texas.

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Le graphique suivant montre le nombre de rapports que nous avons reçus sur Hostgator par heure de la journée au cours des dernières 24 heures. Une panne est déterminée lorsque le nombre de rapports est supérieur à la ligne de base, représentée par la ligne rouge.

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Problèmes les plus rapportés:

  • E-mail 73.58% E-mail
  • Hébergement Web 15.72% Hébergement Web
  • Domaine 7.55% Domaine
  • Outils Web 1.89% Outils Web
  • Services Cloud 1.26% Services Cloud

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Les derniers rapports et problèmes d'interruption proviennent:

UruguayBella Vista Outils Web
United StatesEdison E-mail
MexicoCancún Outils Web
United StatesKings Mountain E-mail
MexicoTaxco de Alarcón Domaine
BrazilGurupi Hébergement Web

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Hostgator Rapports de Problèmes

Dernières pannes, problèmes et rapports de problèmes dans les médias sociaux:
  • bem_virginiana Exaustiane® (@bem_virginiana) a signalé

    Aí né, eu entro em reunião com o cara que tá há meses tentando acessar o Cpainel do hostgator e advinha? Ele não consegue acessar um simples painel E daí tava lá, subdomínio criado em setembro do ano passado, e o cara, com login e senha, não conseguia acessar. Branco *****

  • RaulGon0007 Raul Gonzales (@RaulGon0007) a signalé

    Qué onda con tus servidores @HostGatorES @HostGator para cuando puedo recuperar mis servicios , 1 día sin mis páginas web es perdida espero mínimo compensen con algo si mal servicio

  • ReclaimMirth Garrett (@ReclaimMirth) a signalé

    @HostGator Has it's databases randomly deleted, and then gets run around by support for 1 hour that thinks it is a DNS issue. Then has the audacity to charge me to restore it. HostGator support used to be so good.

  • DKDesignStudio DK Design Studio (@DKDesignStudio) a signalé

    @HGSupport we have been trying to move a domain since the 19th. When we called support, they said it would happen today....6 days later. We called again, they said "You must continue to wait." What is up?

  • cryptoShields CryptoShields (@cryptoShields) a signalé

    @ICANN @Namecheap @HostGator Great thank you. But in terms of reaction Speed, how can we make sure the Fraudulent Domains are shut down ASAP. Because 1 hr Running is enough to allow them getting away with thousands of dollars.

  • cryptoShields CryptoShields (@cryptoShields) a signalé

    @ICANN - Is there a way people can report Fraudulent Websites running NFT Scams and have them Shut Down ASAP? @Namecheap and @HostGator seems to be the 2 Favorite providers the Scammers go to.

  • JadeerTK Jadeer Nandi (@JadeerTK) a signalé

    @BluehostIndia Your VPS is worse than a Hostgator Shared Hosting. Your customer support is even worse. I have contacted 26 times with your chat support in tha past 2 day. Still the issue is not fixed.

  • bluehost Bluehost (@bluehost) a signalé

    @mdabukozw @HGSupport @DreamHost Hello! Sinatra should work fine with Ruby, however, we recommend reaching our support team via phone at 888-401-4678 regarding this. Here are a few article that may be helpful to you: How to Set Up Sinatra on Bluehost | SoftArtisans & Ruby on Rails: Setup | Bluehost Support

  • kanjuo screwtape (@kanjuo) a signalé

    @NewfoldDigital @HostGator I have been a loyal customer of Hostgator for 11 years, but its really been painful to watch the degradation of the levels of customer support over the period. I have been confounded by how your support team refuses to take responsibilty.

  • JulieKubiak Julie Kubiak (@JulieKubiak) a signalé

    @HGSupport You have totally annoyed me today. Been in front of my laptop since 10am dealing with issues; 1.5 hrs to fix an error, but the website is now down again. 1 site which has never had a problem, now has an error. At what point are you gonna take responsibility 😡 #PHP

  • SierraTechLLC Robert Rappaport ST (@SierraTechLLC) a signalé

    Ever since EIG purchased @HostGator it seems @HGSupport no longer helps resellers. I have been a reseller on Hostgator since 2005, and always been able to call Tech Support, & they would assist me immediately. Now there telling me they can't assist, & need to hire Web Developer?

  • JulieKubiak Julie Kubiak (@JulieKubiak) a signalé

    @HGSupport 3rd week running & 3 out of my 6 websites are down. Every time I contact you to update the PHP version but something keeps rolling it back causing my sites to be unaccessible. AND THESE ARE JOOMLA SITES NOT WORDPRESS 😡 WTF is going on??? #support #business #PHP

  • ashref_c Muhammed Ashref (@ashref_c) a signalé

    @HostGator Waiting around 40 minutes for reply from your support at live chat

  • IMRahul_Pandit Rahul Pandit (@IMRahul_Pandit) a signalé

    Very poor Service provider @HostGator .. No Customer Support

  • dgonzalezconeo David González Coneo (@dgonzalezconeo) a signalé

    Llevo una semana con problema por doble cobro de @HostGatorES , @HGSupport solicitó DM para encargarse del asunto, pero solo fue una estrategia para que no quede en evidencia su falla de servicio. Nadie responde, ni contestan el ticket. ¿Se piensan quedar con mi dinero?

  • markjgardner Mark Gardner (@markjgardner) a signalé de Houston, Texas

    Tried going down the rabbit hole of getting the @github CLI utility installed on my @HostGator @CentOS 7 VPS without having to build from source. **** it, don’t need it *that* badly.

  • NancyCWalker Nancy C. Walker 📑📚📷 (@NancyCWalker) a signalé

    @VictoriaRosePhD I'm using HostGator. Good customer service and reasonable pricing.

  • haIfagony (@haIfagony) a signalé

    estou desde 16:30 no atendimento do @HostGator e nmg resolve meu problema, toda hora cai um e eu tenho que explicar tudo de novo q belezaaaaa

  • SovrumanoBrat SovrumanoBRAT (@SovrumanoBrat) a signalé

    Actually, I think all of My accounts are hacked. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Patreon, TeeSpring, BuyMeACoffee, Hostgator, and whatever else. I think they're hacked by rats. And they've never given Me any paperwork---no liens, judgements--nothing. I hear that they... 👇

  • fecassaBr Fecassa (@fecassaBr) a signalé

    @_filipemesquita Uso kinghost é diferente e gosto muito dos planos e do suporte. Não me dei bem com o suporte da hostgator

  • eduardo_ocastro Eduardo Castro (@eduardo_ocastro) a signalé

    @_filipemesquita Sempre que precisei hospedei no hostgator. Bom e barato, nunca tive problemas.

  • 2010ceo T.J. Dickerman (@2010ceo) a signalé

    @HGSupport @HostGator Thanks, after reloading and getting a third support person they were finally able to stick around long enough to figure out the situation.

  • 2010ceo T.J. Dickerman (@2010ceo) a signalé

    Yo @HostGator I'd love to have one support chat this morning actually turn out please... I have stuff that needs accomplished.

  • HGSupport HostGator Support (@HGSupport) a signalé

    @coachayanao @HostGator We don't operate under a different set of rules. If you could send me a DM with some account information, I'd like to help you out with this. -Val

  • just_a_presence Just Exploring! (@just_a_presence) a signalé

    @hostgatorindia I had my hosting account badly infected with unknown virus only after hosting at you. I never imagined that shared hosting that big immense at hostgator. I now may lose a lot of client websites that costs thousands. You're solely responsible!

  • DigitalKavita Kavita | Digital Marketer | Freelancer India (@DigitalKavita) a signalé

    @HGSupport @hostgatorindia facing some malware issue on our website & trying to communicate. No one giving the right resolution frm ur team of exec.Can anyone from HG connect and close the matter asap.facing critical issue.explained issue to 2-3 exec.

  • DigitalKavita Kavita | Digital Marketer | Freelancer India (@DigitalKavita) a signalé

    @HostGator we are facing some malware issue on our website & trying to communicate. No one giving the right resolution from your tea of executives.Can anyone from HG team connect and close the matter asap.we facing critical issue.since morning explained issue to 2-3 chat exec.

  • DigitalKavita Kavita | Digital Marketer | Freelancer India (@DigitalKavita) a signalé

    @HGSupport we are facing some malware issues on our few websites and trying to communicate. no one giving the right solution.can anyone from HG team connect and close the matter soon.very critical issue we facing.since morning i have explained this issue to 2-3 chat executives.

  • marilovesgr33n ilovegreeninspiration (@marilovesgr33n) a signalé

    HELP. C’è qualcuno che s’intende di siti WordPress su HostGator? Mi hanno messo OFFLINE il sito perché starei usando “more than 25% of the entire server's resources” /// credo sia un problema di casella di posta. Capitato a qualcuno?

  • WarzoneHeatt Jose Angel Linares 🇸🇻 (@WarzoneHeatt) a signalé

    @HGSupport Got it up & running, you guys do really have the best customer service 🙏🏽