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  • johngclaudio John Claudio (@johngclaudio) a signalé

    I think I literally corrupted my phpmyadmin database so thoroughly that I will have to call hostgator support tomorrow for a reboot. It will be so embarrassing when they see that I program, and the shenanigans I was up to. Just ****. #Coding

  • GlewmeCorp Glewme Corp (@GlewmeCorp) a signalé

    @HostGator @opensa I was just told by your support agent Marie that if I do not cooperate they will not fix my website, I though I paid for hosting. You just cost me my check mark. Who do I need to sue to get service around here

  • FreakinFlyers Earth To Carrie (@FreakinFlyers) a signalé

    @HostGator I paid you guys to migrate my sites to a downgraded hosting plan and despite multiple confirmations over phone and email of completed and successful migration, absolutely nothing was migrated. Fix this please. Thanks.

  • davidbenj David B. Goldstein (@davidbenj) a signalé

    We've been with @HostGator since 2004 (really.) All of a sudden, their emails aren't getting to me and I can't get support before going through a verification process that could take days not hours.

  • Cycle7Comms Cycle7Comms (@Cycle7Comms) a signalé

    .@HostGator Fix my email. Your people have been flailing at this for days. Get it right already. Also, your hold Muzak is breaking my mind. Please ... #techsupport

  • Zuulzilla Zuu (@Zuulzilla) a signalé

    Brann's List will be offline for a bit because HostGator is the worst. 🙃 Been with them since 2011. Alllllll that ruined in an evening over some shady ****. Open to host suggestions. 💙

  • shashankpx Shashank⚡️Domains (@shashankpx) a signalé

    @WixHelp Hello @Wix, I'm unable to transfer my .NET domain to @HostGator. Error shows my domain is locked, even though I have successfully unlocked it. Please help!

  • mvandemar Michael VanDeMar (@mvandemar) a signalé

    @carrickdb While it would be much harder to do with today's systems, I personally have brought down an entire shared server on Hostgator with poor coding in the past.

  • MatthewKeysLive Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) a signalé

    @JakeWallinger @HostGator @HGSupport It's the third time in one month I've had a website outage because of issues on their end. And they had the audacity to say they're "letting me skip the line" when it comes to customer support. I wouldn't have to "skip the line" if they new how to properly run a webhost.

  • MatthewKeysLive Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) a signalé

    @JakeWallinger It is. Blame @hostgator @hgsupport. They basically admitted to me via DM that there's a large number of customers experiencing problems with their service.

  • MatthewKeysLive Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) a signalé

    @HGSupport Each time it is "blocked," it is because WordPress or a plugin is doing an automatic update. You mean to tell me HostGator cannot handle WordPress or plugins automatically updating themselves? That seems bad for security.

  • MatthewKeysLive Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) a signalé

    @HGSupport Worse, the last time this issue happened, it took your "admins" eight hours to bring the sites back online. That is, also, not acceptable. HostGator used to be a trusted brand. Not sure what happened, but thinking about leaving entirely.

  • MatthewKeysLive Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) a signalé

    @HGSupport HostGator never sent me a ticket ID. It just took the websites offline due to a "CPU resource" issue. The issue is WordPress was updating itself, which apparently HostGator cannot handle. This is the third time in a month you've done this. That's not acceptable.

  • drodecker David Rodecker (@drodecker) a signalé

    @HostGator Tech Tier 4 @HGSupport is brining us to tears! One site with malware which was resolved within minutes of notification and you have needlessly shut down an entire cluster of @localsplash customers for several hours.

  • MatthewKeysLive Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) a signalé

    @HostGator I'm currently a HostGator customer whose websites are offline across the board. This is the third time your company has done this. The last time, the sites were offline for EIGHT HOURS. Your chat support is no help. Your "admins" take hours to respond to e-mails. Unacceptable.

  • s_ketharaman Ketharaman Swaminathan (@s_ketharaman) a signalé

    Yo @HostGator : Is there a problem with cPanel? I'm seeing a very different - and probably old - UI when I logged in just now.

  • jazzsvirdi Jazz Singh (@jazzsvirdi) a signalé

    @HGSupport your site and our servers seem to be down. When will they be back up?

  • 4realchris chris (@4realchris) a signalé

    @ThinkUtilitySer @HostGator Wouldn’t be an issue if there was an autopay option, or you billed consistently, but I’m glad to see you feel bad about mistreating your elderly clients, I just assumed you mistreated everyone willingly

  • 4realchris chris (@4realchris) a signalé

    @ThinkUtilitySer @HostGator Customers leave a negative review because it’s 2021 and you don’t have an autopay option for online billing, you bill people on inconsistent dates and your customer service is bad. Think utility service website being down is a blessing, you guys are awful

  • helbeeuk Helen Bawden (@helbeeuk) a signalé

    @HostGator are there problems at host gator currently please? A client’s whole website & email has disappeared?

  • HGSupport HostGator Support (@HGSupport) a signalé

    @awaisjaved18 @HostGator @awaisjaved18 If live support is asking you to send an email that would mean you have an existing ticket number, correct? Otherwise they wouldn't instruct you to do something you cannot do. Send us your ticket number in a DM if you've already replied and we'll take a look.

  • awaisjaved18 awaisjaved (@awaisjaved18) a signalé

    @HGSupport @HostGator I need level 2 support for Ngnix configuration but no one have enough knowledge and alway ask to send you email for support

  • awaisjaved18 awaisjaved (@awaisjaved18) a signalé

    @HostGator don't purchase any VPS from @HostGator they did not have any Ngnix server support they ask you again and again to contact you but no response from their @HGSupport.

  • producerly Cameron Kootz (@producerly) a signalé

    @HGSupport Explain to anyone reading why Hostgator gave our domain to a 3rd party, without our consent - subsequently, explain why we couldn't add our contact details to our acct, and why still, to this day, we cannot move our domain to Google but can to Launchpad (your internal service)

  • israel_bar Israel Barragán (@israel_bar) a signalé

    Su servicio al cliente es una pesadilla @HostGator @HostGatorES, cualquier asunto menor se convierte en una historia de terror. Y sus tiempos de respuesta mayores a 48 horas.

  • Lwazi__Dlamini Lwazi Dlamini (@Lwazi__Dlamini) a signalé

    @HostGator @HGSupport your CHAT systems are down. Made payment but my service is down

  • FredsDaily HOURLY LIFE of Fred Campos (@FredsDaily) a signalé

    6:30a Talking with @HostGator about Client282's backup restore. Their twitter support seems good--now we wait for the restore.

  • fr2ves Flavio Rene (@fr2ves) a signalé

    Sete dias, sem resposta nos tickets do #Hostgator Brasil, vergonhoso! Seven days, no answer on #Hostgator Brasil tickets, shameful! Siete días, sin respuesta en las entradas del #Hostgator Brasil, ¡qué vergüenza!

  • FredsDaily HOURLY LIFE of Fred Campos (@FredsDaily) a signalé

    7p Client282's website is down. They are @Hostgator hosted, and not current on my maintenance plan. Nevertheless, working with Hostgator in getting it reported and restored.

  • vwmannn Victor Westmann 🇧🇷🇨🇦 (@vwmannn) a signalé

    @MissBethHavenx Run away from Hostgator. Unless your website only has css html and JS and you don't mind talking to the hostgator support once a week. #serious #noGo #runForrestRun