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Microsoft Azure est un service d'informatique en nuage créé par Microsoft pour la création, le test, le déploiement et la gestion d'applications et de services via des centres de données gérés par Microsoft.

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  • lavanyadeepak Deepak Kumar Vasudevan (@lavanyadeepak) a signalé

    @Azure @AzureSupport Precisely here is why I was trying to explore #AkaMS service. I was looking to see if that URL shortener is available for us for everyone like @Bitly

  • keweonOnline keweon Online (@keweonOnline) a signalé

    @AzureSupport @Azure Sorry... My bad. Retweet is faster then thinking twice. 😉

  • BearableR BearableKichiroRiddlerBritto (@BearableR) a signalé

    @volantetech @DiscordinCrypto @Azure @Ripple Hahaha you are either new there, a dumbass or dont know wtf you are talking about. Volante was long integrated with Ripple tech. Rather STFU if you dont know

  • zehicle Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle) a signalé

    @sarbjeetjohal @waynesadin @tcrawford @mccrory @jeffsussna @mthiele10 @mattwallace @eoin_jennings @jayferro @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @IBMcloud @VMware @Cisco @furrier @NeilCattermull @dhinchcliffe @fogle_shane @nyike @TheCloudand_Me @TamaraMcCleary @CTOAdvisor @SiliconANGLE @dvellante @stu @mdkail @Kevin_Jackson @JKevinParker @digitalcloudgal @porterdeleon @DavidLinthicum @avrohomg @StevenDickens3 @BillMew @Fisher85M @schmarzo @nelson_hilliard @nicolefv @azurestack more like hyper marketing... AFAIK these are rebadged VM host appliances with self-provisioning integration. yes, constraints make that silo easier to manage. If we really want to fix IT economics, we need to make self-management universal

  • SkyTheLine Sky@Geekdays2019 (@SkyTheLine) a signalé

    Ist schon irgendwie peinlich, dass Swisscom ihr DCS und DCS+ nicht im Griff haben. Vllt. sollte man das Thema Routing nochmal behandeln. In Zukunft nur noch @Azure von @microsoft_ch Ziehe dort zukünftig die Firma um :)

  • arodnapsbox XA-Spiffycorpse (@arodnapsbox) a signalé

    @teamgrlforceone @Kn0wledgeSP0wer @El_Controlador @Xbox @xboxuk @XboxSupport @XboxP3 @XboxGamePass @OXM @BillGates @Microsoft @Azure @SnoopDogg @cringer @XboxScarlettC @xboxjukebox @xboxJames @XboxGirls @xboxgirlfan @xboxgirlgamer18 @XboxGirlGamer Coming from a girl- this is definite spamming. Please don't @ Xbox Support unless you actually need support.

  • am_felixx Felixx Uroko (@am_felixx) a signalé

    @AzurePortal @Azure I created and published a customer dashboard, but I'm having issues accessing file editor to get "clockpart" I don't know how that's done, kindly assist

  • StopForumSpam StopForumSpam (@StopForumSpam) a signalé

    @JayVanDerZant @Azure Yeah, I'm kicking myself now, but that was 4 years ago. It would've made a perfect US based primary service node

  • DolshtaWaleed dolshta waleed (@DolshtaWaleed) a signalé

    @Azure some microsoft issues right now

  • ronniebailey Ronnie (@ronniebailey) a signalé

    @AzureSupport @OfficeSupport @Azure @MicrosoftHelps No I only DMed @MicrosoftHelps and they sent me to you. I have to admit your customer support is extremely thorough and beyond what I was expecting great job 😂😳

  • StopForumSpam StopForumSpam (@StopForumSpam) a signalé

    Gutted that I turned down a free @Azure instance when I had a meeting with their deputy head of cloud computing Asia :(

  • dcept905 Paul L (@dcept905) a signalé

    @InvokeThreatGuy @KeyXeta @Azure @AzureSupport @Uber Yeah, I never get mad @ the reps themselves. I've worked those jobs. They make trash money, work off scripts, and have zero empowerment to actually fix things. Most don't want to be there, are bitter, and I don't blame them.

  • InvokeThreatGuy Lee Kagan (@InvokeThreatGuy) a signalé

    @dcept905 @KeyXeta @Azure @AzureSupport @Uber Plus IMO customer support isn’t there to help it’s a means to buffer the small ants like us away. My business is soooooo small compared to what their stakeholders care about. Just resolve a few tickets and call it a win.

  • InvokeThreatGuy Lee Kagan (@InvokeThreatGuy) a signalé

    @dcept905 @KeyXeta @Azure @AzureSupport @Uber Yep. Honestly I think we’re the dummies for getting mad with customer support. Let’s be honest here it’s just a job and our issues don’t matter. Why would they lol.

  • InvokeThreatGuy Lee Kagan (@InvokeThreatGuy) a signalé

    @timganz @Azure @AzureSupport We needed them for the desktop OS. AWS does “desktop experience” unless you pay a bloody fortune. GCP just no. Out of options here. I don’t even care about the technical issues. My account was straight up jacked from me and they refuse to explain. Refuse!

  • dcept905 Paul L (@dcept905) a signalé

    @InvokeThreatGuy @KeyXeta @Azure @AzureSupport @Uber Sadly, garbage customer service seems to be the new normal everywhere :(

  • dcept905 Paul L (@dcept905) a signalé

    @InvokeThreatGuy @KeyXeta @Azure @AzureSupport Sorry to hear that bro. :( Hopefully they sort it out. Was in a similar situation w/ @Uber when traveling. Dropped my cell in the car. Can only report through app, no # to call, only email support w/ 24-48hr turnaround. Which is super stressful when you fly out in that window.

  • timganz Timothy Gan (@timganz) a signalé

    @InvokeThreatGuy @Azure @AzureSupport They automatically blocked my account within minutes of activation for no reason and then passed me around different support channels for a long time :) Add on obviously badly written frontend and backend code to the site, I'm surprised people still use them.

  • InvokeThreatGuy Lee Kagan (@InvokeThreatGuy) a signalé

    @j_maravi @Azure @AzureSupport The saga continues everyone. @AzureSupport told me to go to @MicrosoftHelps and now THEY are saying back to Azure support.

  • InvokeThreatGuy Lee Kagan (@InvokeThreatGuy) a signalé

    @KeyXeta @Azure @AzureSupport It’s a buffer to thwart complaints. Same with why customer support reps hide their identities. Any sizeable Corp does not want to provide customer support to lower tier clients. Just how the world works but we should be upset by it.

  • KeyXeta InfoSec Student (@KeyXeta) a signalé

    @InvokeThreatGuy @Azure @AzureSupport Rockstar did the same to me. I dont get why companies require you to be signed in to submit a ticket about not being able to sign in........

  • InvokeThreatGuy Lee Kagan (@InvokeThreatGuy) a signalé

    Ok so for potential future customers of @Azure, what @AzureSupport recommends in a lockout is to sign in and complain (but you can’t cuz you’re locked out) the ONLY workaround according to them is to make a new MS account and use that to conplain about the other. I’m out

  • InvokeThreatGuy Lee Kagan (@InvokeThreatGuy) a signalé

    @AzureSupport @Azure is there an actual human that can call me regarding this problem because it’s pretty upsetting and I would think your other customers would be concerned too

  • Abt_Benjamin Benjamin Abt (@Abt_Benjamin) a signalé

    From my point of view: #MSAL has by far the worst documentation of all #Microsoft @Azure products..... And if you ever find documentation pieces, they are outdated or inconsistent. Whew....

  • okasion2012 okasion (@okasion2012) a signalé

    @AzureSupport @windowsdev @Azure Blocked on Edge Beta with uBlock, and allowed on Firefox (I downloaded Firefox vanilla just to try Azure hands on labs). I can keep trying different browsers (though most are based on Chromium, that's why I tried with Firefox), but the problem it's not on my end guys.

  • ronniebailey Ronnie (@ronniebailey) a signalé

    @AzureSupport @OfficeSupport @Azure @MicrosoftHelps told me to essaye you guys as they can’t help me. I’m in my student account. I’m simply trying to receive the (student) key for Microsoft Server 2019. It has worked before in the past for software, even here I am logged in, but I get the error message.

  • Anton_Rob_Benz Anton The DapperApper #PowerAddict (@Anton_Rob_Benz) a signalé

    @KeithWhatling @sameerbhangar @rc_says @SamitSaini01 @that_API_guy @alanchai @GSiVed @PowerApps @SharePoint @Azure @EGPAF Damn you @KeithWhatling.. you always make my eyes rain.. just a lil bit..

  • Tyler_J_J Tyler James Johnson (@Tyler_J_J) a signalé

    @sarbjeetjohal @eoin_jennings @TheCloudand_Me @alcgroup @imoyse @MusicComposer1 @TopCyberNews @shanebrighton @avrohomg @DrJDrooghaag @BillMew @sallyeaves @fklivestolearn @junjudapi @AlaricAloor @archonsec @fogle_shane @gvalan @Microsoft @Oracle @Azure @awscloud @furrier @MiaD @APGuha @dhinchcliffe @digitalcloudgal @MS1MN @KirkDBorne @NeilCattermull @CTOAdvisor Interoperability is just not in their DNA. Maybe gene therapy will help.

  • dkarlovi Dalibor Karlović (@dkarlovi) a signalé

    @AzureSupport @Azure Perhaps reviewing the onboarding process to support forum in this case: user unknown to Forum, but known to Portal, attached to one or more known paying orgs: trust to add links by default because he might have actual questions since using the service. Just an idea. :) #UX

  • kdawg02 Karl Shifflett (@kdawg02) a signalé

    Just complete a high-octane version of yesterdays RI. @angular 7, @Azure @AzureFunctions @SignalR Custom Authentication, End Points protected with JWT auth, user login, user database, signalR message sending to one or more users, new HubConnection init, will post tomorrow.

  • RickStrahl Rick Strahl (@RickStrahl) a signalé

    @hhrvoje @philliphaydon @markrendle @filip_woj @Azure That’s pretty much my strategy. I priced out a small app hosted on azure with several support services vs a hosted VM recently and the difference was ridiculous - something like 5x the cost. There’s value there for sure but at the low end the cost is prohibitive IMHO.

  • CTOAdvisor Keith Townsend @ HPE Discover (@CTOAdvisor) a signalé

    @ADosburg @Azure Very true. Will never stop people from hijacking well established terms that go through that process. Unless regulated by a government, marketers will make terms mean whatever the suits.

  • ADosburg Arcturus (@ADosburg) a signalé

    @CTOAdvisor @Azure That process is very natural and happens when something becomes common knowledge and is not problematic. The problem occurs when people attempt to shortcut that process or simply sell something by making it sound attractive, or simple, or more sophisticated than it is.

  • jczablocki John Zablocki (@jczablocki) a signalé

    .@Azure functions automation is truly god awful. Even worse than working with @awscloud lambdas.

  • CTOAdvisor Keith Townsend @ HPE Discover (@CTOAdvisor) a signalé

    @ADosburg @Azure You'd also have to capture all that it does that simply isn't "remote." Shared, self-provisioning, and scalable. So, a plain English sentence would be "Microsoft Azure, a remote, shared, self-provisioning, and scalable service comparable to AWS a remote, share..."

  • LouisIngenthron Louis Ingenthron (@LouisIngenthron) a signalé

    @EgoAnt @Azure It just leaves me wondering how many users have as strong a connection as Ars Technica. This is worse than useless for much of the US due to poor broadband infrastructure, unfortunately.

  • breki74 Igor Brejc (@breki74) a signalé

    @hhrvoje @RickStrahl @markrendle @philliphaydon @filip_woj @Azure I'm using something similar (Contabo VPS's), but these usually offer a lower level of service compared to AWS and Azure. If your machine/disk goes down, there's no real recovery on their side, unless you pay much more.

  • anne_e_currie Anne Currie (@anne_e_currie) a signalé

    As hyperscale-DC consumers, I suspect we need to tell @awscloud we would pay for green hosting as a premium hosting service & go elsewhere if we can't get it (to @GCPcloud or @Azure who have it by default). @mrchrisadams

  • MichaelGillett Michael Gillett | #WIMVP (@MichaelGillett) a signalé

    Anyone else having issues with @Azure VMs or DNS this morning. A load of our VMs and services are having critical issues this morning

  • filip_woj Filip W (@filip_woj) a signalé

    @markrendle @RickStrahl @Azure everything that I use in Azure seems crazy expensive. web apps - expensive. SQL server - super expensive. Redis - OMG. CosmosDB - 😱. premium Service Bus - not exactly cheap too.. and on and on..

  • FuserLimon Adnan Hajizada (@FuserLimon) a signalé

    @OptimiserCom @AzureSupport @Azure @MSFTResearch Thank you so much! Interestingly enough I have purchased the monthly CPLEX developer subscription but the API that they sent me doesn't seem to work. Even though the free trial API did. Can't seem to get hold of anyone at IBM for help.

  • SiriX Colbey (@SiriX) a signalé

    Hey @GCPcloud, @awscloud @Azure... here's an idea, don't make it so damn difficult for an engineer to sign-up and try your services without a credit card! Tried each of you, without success. Not everyone gets a corporate visa! #cloud #Kubernetes #devops

  • doylestowncoder Christopher Schmidt (@doylestowncoder) a signalé

    Love @AzureSQLDB!!! Need to boost performance for a few days... click, click, click, wait a few minutes and there you go running faster. Easily dial it back down too. Thanks @Azure

  • shakedko Shaked Klein Orbach 🇮🇱 (@shakedko) a signalé

    There's something cleaner in @HashiCorp's Vault hierarchy which @Azure KeyVault doesn't support. It becomes harder to use once you have a lot of secrets

  • ardave2002 David Falkner (@ardave2002) a signalé

    @colinbul @AzureDevOps @AzureAppService @Azure I've done what you suggest, a setting in the App Service, along with an endpoint to expose on our API to surface this information. Alternately, we could click through to the App Service settings, but either way requires clicking through == chance for dave to get confused.

  • LaariEsa Esa Samuli Laari (@LaariEsa) a signalé

    @MicrosoftIoT @Azure Greetings from Master of Science in Knowledge Management Mr Esa Samuli Laari: Never in drugs or drunk or gay, not hospital since 12/03/08: common target+poor+mind read+4Gs rerouted+taekwondo ex trainer and ex coach+ex marathon runner+present bicycler and walker+forest job hobby

  • ardave2002 David Falkner (@ardave2002) a signalé

    It would be unbelievably cool if your @AzureDevOps %BuildVersion% parameter were somehow passed along to your @AzureAppService (and probably every other Azure service) to be surfaced through the @Azure U/I, so that you could tell what version was deployed to where.

  • harshal1982 Harshal -Bjp (@harshal1982) a signalé

    @i_sumitsingha @AzureSupport @Azure @AzureDevOps Strangely azure does not have inbuilt support for gitlab, but has support for github, bitbucket and others..It's very myopic

  • i_sumitsingha iAmDeveloper (@i_sumitsingha) a signalé

    @AzureSupport @Azure @AzureDevOps yeah i know there is no documentation of creating deployment center through Api. thank you for support

  • lavanyadeepak Deepak Kumar Vasudevan (@lavanyadeepak) a signalé

    As of now, @Outlook .com does not seem to be having a way to select multiple #Drafts even if they are in #DeletedItems folder and click #Discard in one shot. Even if you do, it discards only one. Looks like it is a @Office365 #bug which @Microsoft @Office or @Azure has to fix.

  • Adron Λdrøn (@Adron) a signalé

    Looking at various cloud services from @azure @awscloud and @GCPcloud and gotta say, when there's a one click from product page to documentation that makes me really happy. The services that don't lead me to something legitimately technical to read with 1-2 clicks that's bad.

  • mvsmal Mikhail Smal (@mvsmal) a signalé

    Yesterday I found out that @Azure App Service runs .NET Core apps as 32-bit by default. What a discovery after OutOfMemoryException...

  • TejasKumar_ Tejas Kumar (@TejasKumar_) a signalé

    @codingaviator @Xbox I've used X-Plane and it's quite demanding in terms of hardware. Could never properly enjoy it. I'll have a look at Prepar3D. Honestly, I'm excited for Flight Simulator because it's powered by @azure AI and satellite data. 😍

  • SiriusB12 Jerome Steele (@SiriusB12) a signalé

    @Chan_Maddanna @SiaTechHQ @AWS @Azure @googlecloud I never claimed that any of these blockchain projects owned the protocols on which they developed their platforms. The use case(s) of the Sia platform will increase the prospect of Nebulous being acquired. That's all I am saying....

  • Crazygamer360 braveheatz (GT: Xbox) (@Crazygamer360) a signalé

    So @Microsoft @msdev @Azure @MSFT_Business @msPartner @MicrosoftHelps @MicrosoftDesign there a idea I want to success and helping the company succeed. I wanted to make a box for customers packages, I wrote and email to @amazon I haven’t heard anything from them. I need help DM

  • theseanodell Sean O'Dell (@theseanodell) a signalé

    @AzureSupport @Azure I am trying to login from an Ubuntu instance. I did make an ssh key change earlier today.

  • kunjee Kunjan Dalal (@kunjee) a signalé

    @robconery @AzureSupport @Azure @Netlify @shanselman By coincidence I did have an account on @Cloudflare , and they do have one free web site support. But I remember exploring more than that. 🙄

  • ShahidDev Shahid Iqbal (@ShahidDev) a signalé

    @Abt_Benjamin @FabianGosebrink @Azure Cool, files served via static webhost container ($web) are supposed to be case-insensitive (but doesn't seem to be the case on my site). I was redirecting to www which is probably why I didn't have an issue with the tld (I wasn't mapping to CDN) just page rules from Cloudflare

  • Abt_Benjamin Benjamin Abt (@Abt_Benjamin) a signalé

    @ShahidDev @FabianGosebrink @Azure main reason why I have recommended app service: blob storage is case sensitive. Tld works if you map the tld to a cdn. Blob storage supports only second level domains.

  • Amys_Kapers Amy 👩‍💻🐕🏖️ (@Amys_Kapers) a signalé

    @slace @gigaflare @msandfor @mattgillard @damovisa @Azure A cluster **** that isn't even supported by the people who built it