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Microsoft Teams est une plate-forme de communication et de collaboration unifiée qui combine le chat permanent sur le lieu de travail, les réunions vidéo, le stockage de fichiers et l'intégration d'applications.

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  • NTTAKR Andreas K. (@NTTAKR) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams Is there a dedicated support account for Microsoft Teams? We are incredibly happy with the product except for Microsoft Lifecam Studio not working with Teams. Works with BlueJeans, Slack, Camera App in Windows, but on Teams only a black screen. Help?

  • workwithpzl ZheLiang (pZL) (@workwithpzl) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams I cannot use my DSLR as a webcam after the software update. - used to work well previously. Any fix? 😢

  • 28platypus yb (@28platypus) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams Hey folks, few images which are sent via MS teams mobile app are not loading and this is the issue with many people, resolve or give a solution for it.

  • garg_srijan Srijan Garg (@garg_srijan) a signalé

    @Microsoft @MicrosoftTeams @MicrosoftHelps #MicrosoftTeams I use microsoft teams for school online classes. Today, I don't know why i find that it is taking almost 5 mins to send one personal chat to another person. Please resolve the issue. Thanks Srijan

  • intensosiempre Rene Magritte (@intensosiempre) a signalé


  • AztekXYZ Aztek👨🏾‍💻 (@AztekXYZ) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams y’all down?

  • CCR8 Cristopher Cedeño (@CCR8) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams a lot of problems with teams on Mac. 👎🏾

  • tabray Tom Abray (@tabray) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams iPhone app seems to be broken since last night.

  • AnonyIT L_iam (@AnonyIT) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams None. I get too many tickets due to Teams issues to warrant any type of appreciation.

  • samkesana Sam (@samkesana) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams From last 3 days can't use Teams desktop app, resolve java script error not a valid win32 application . Uninstall , install, cleanup, profile change all didn't worked . No solution in microsoft forums or community .

  • faash__ Space 4 me (@faash__) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams hello. my mom using an account for teaching but now having a problem for signing in. The web set we cant reset the password and should contact the admin. But how do we know that the admin has been notified for this password reset request ?

  • brodyberg Brody Berg (@brodyberg) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams how do I share feedback about using the whiteboard? It's getting better but still has serious issues.

  • DianaT125 Diana Perez (@DianaT125) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams trying to navigate distance learning and teach my students is hard enough. Having a glitch with uploading an assignment does not help. Let’s do better.

  • markwbuse Mark W. Büse (@markwbuse) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams After students leave their universities, they find that their Teams communications with their university contacts are all broken due to the way Microsoft continues to (mis)manage service user identities.

  • Jody39368082 Jody (@Jody39368082) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams Some of my users have their status showing in scheduling assistant as "Unknown" for all hours even though they have an available status. Anyone have a fix?

  • ColinBirbee Colin (@ColinBirbee) a signalé

    @OfficeSupport Thanks, but really I have to use @MicrosoftTeams for work or I would not use it, so I really don't want to waste too much of my time dealing with these issues or reporting them. I'm happy to post something on Twitter, but it's up to @Microsoft to test their own software and fix.

  • OrthoInstitute Orthopaedic Institute (@OrthoInstitute) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams setting up Live Event, error message 'Unable to schedule event' and calendar shows only this week, nothing in the future. At top error says 'Can't sync right now. We'll try again soon'

  • Abt_Benjamin 𝘽𝙚𝙣𝙟𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣 𝘼𝙗𝙩 (@Abt_Benjamin) a signalé

    @AntjeLamartine @plemich @MicrosoftTeams Für mich ist das eher ein UX-Thema. Ich brauch keine wöchentliche Adoption Schulung wenn eine Gesamt-UX einer Plattform intuitiv ist.

  • Josephw02421440 Joseph wambugu (@Josephw02421440) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams I can log inti my Microsoft team account using other laptops but not mine. It had previously been able to log in but now it says 'we couldn't sign you in. Please try again.' What could be the problem???? #MicrosoftTeams

  • rito2k Rito (@rito2k) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams I stopped asking that when I start presenting, sort of forcing them to interact with me unmuting themselves and say if it is really not working + I get to know if they are indeed attending... #evilpresentertricks

  • jacksimpson_90 Jack Simpson (@jacksimpson_90) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams If this phrase is so well known then it's an issue in UI that it's not obvious enough. Just need an obvious icon or text block button to appear on the sharers side that disappears when you hover over it so it doesn't hide anything.

  • mtholfsen Mike Tholfsen (@mtholfsen) a signalé

    @JenVerField @MicrosoftTeams It's mainly if you are having issues and Support wants to help troubelshoot

  • R_LConsultants R&L Consultants (@R_LConsultants) a signalé

    @Dinabot17 @MicrosoftTeams Okay no problem. I'm guessing your school is working with Microsoft directly on this issue.

  • grelad Elad Graiver (@grelad) a signalé

    @iamjayakumars @MicrosoftTeams Sorry for that. Reinstalling the tab should not affect the data. Were you missed data about meetings? If so, were the meetings linked to a channel (or the general channel)? If this happens again, please open a support ticket so we can investigate the issue and better support you.

  • chr1scovfefe Self-Dyerlation (@chr1scovfefe) a signalé

    For anyone using @MicrosoftTeams while working from home, jamming a paper clip beside the Insert key to pin it down keeps you from going idle and having your status set to "Away" after 3 minutes. Naps feel so much more productive now. Microsoft some snitches.

  • R_LConsultants R&L Consultants (@R_LConsultants) a signalé

    @Dinabot17 @MicrosoftTeams Okay. Are you currently working with anyone on this issue?

  • ChrisWebbTech Chris Webb (@ChrisWebbTech) a signalé

    @masondo @MicrosoftTeams There is, the red border tells you. Problem is people just don't trust any screen sharing technology from the problems in the past I guess.

  • ChrisWebbTech Chris Webb (@ChrisWebbTech) a signalé

    @RafCole @MicrosoftTeams Yeah the Sharing UI really needs to be drop down or folder style driven, asking you what you want to share, Screen or an App. Then break out from there, screen on the far left doesn't get noticed much nor does the kind of unnoticeable sections for Screen/Apps.

  • Nevarden2013 Nevarden (@Nevarden2013) a signalé

    @MicrosoftTeams Please fix the issue where sharing a CAD application it’s black. While sharing the whole screen the issue doesn’t occur.

  • Dinabot17 Dina (@Dinabot17) a signalé de Dana Point Marina Mobile Home Estates, California

    @R_LConsultants @MicrosoftTeams No. The issue is Teams itself. I teach AP Lang and Honors English, and the Teams scoring feature is unusable. I have to download each file in order to type comments directly onto the essay. I have 150+ students, and this flaw prohibits a timely feedback cycle.