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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds est un jeu de survie en ligne massivement multijoueur développé et publié par Bluehole Inc. pour Microsoft Windows. Le jeu a été libéré pour un accès anticipé en mars 2017.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Graphique d'interruption 03/01/2021 14:40

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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  • zqngrandprix zulqarnaen (@zqngrandprix) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds @CyberpunkGame Did you know they can fix and do contests at the same time?

  • CloseCallGames CloseCallGames (@CloseCallGames) a signalé

    RT pubattlegrounds "@CyberpunkGame How about an official "Fix your game" contest, where only you can compete." #gamingnews #gaming

  • MaloneStone420 MaloneStone420 (@MaloneStone420) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @nikobelic2033 @pubattlegrounds Report feature seems broken keeps telling me I can't report myself when trying to report suspected cheaters can make a video if your devs want one

  • pokistaynPUBG abdohanipubgnews (@pokistaynPUBG) a signalé

    RT pubattlegrounds "@EAHelp But it wasn't. Most people have the "YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS SLOW" notification, while it's not true you also lag like hell. 100mbps speed at 45ms ping is not slow."

  • CloseCallGames CloseCallGames (@CloseCallGames) a signalé

    RT pubattlegrounds "@EAHelp But it wasn't. Most people have the "YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS SLOW" notification, while it's not true you also lag like hell. 100mbps speed at 45ms ping is not slow." #gamingnews #gaming

  • karman43709800 DitiDimitri (@karman43709800) a signalé

    @fawad1235 @pubattlegrounds have you found any solution to this? i have the same problem now. hopefully you will answer to 3 year old post

  • CloseCallGames CloseCallGames (@CloseCallGames) a signalé

    RT pubattlegrounds "@CyberpunkGame @Steam @EpicGames fix your ******* game holy ****" #gamingnews #gaming

  • CloseCallGames CloseCallGames (@CloseCallGames) a signalé

    RT pubattlegrounds "@Censor How is having a fair balanced game an issue for you?" #gamingnews #gaming

  • Viol05709374 Violet Burnett (@Viol05709374) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds My favorite game, but so frustrated three years of playing & my team is getting booted mid game sometimes two at a time, one out of four team mates appears " invisible" & occasionally in voice chat is unusable. :( Please patch these issues. :(

  • MurexHyena Murex Hyena (@MurexHyena) a signalé

    @NotSoMemey @BroHogPlays @pubattlegrounds @DasMayhem @ImSerkk @PlayVALORANT @TheMystopian @riotgames Because the reason why his board got fried is mostly due to fail safes failing.. Basically it's being in a car driving, and vanguard cracks your window! So you can't see! You push on the brakes! But the brakes are faulty! So you crash.

  • MalikSh17854478 Malik ShaharYar (@MalikSh17854478) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds Also Fix ms problem. We cant play game againts good ms players, before our shot they killed us, thats not a fair game we played at unstable pin or ms , sometimes its 200 then 700 then968 then this happened through out the game, what the hell we play. Fix ms minimum at good level

  • onzbawa Onzbawa (@onzbawa) a signalé

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBG_KR @pubattlegrounds @gamescom I am unable to login to my account it showing your account has been disabled For violation Of pubg mobile guideline. But i had not done anything wrong on my account i follow every guideline terms carefully ...  ID(6424220661) Thank you...

  • HOHohFSq4ZngiI7 🆑🅾️ ⛎✝️ (@HOHohFSq4ZngiI7) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds fix your game dude I can’t even connect to the servers

  • Basit_Tak_ Abdul Basit Shahier Tak (@Basit_Tak_) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds recently my Twitter and Facebook accounts got hacked but u was able to recover both of them and changed their passwords. But even after that the hacker still has access to my pubg account.I even checked recent apps and login sessions and it only showed my phone.

  • ReaperWoodwrks Reaperwoodworks (@ReaperWoodwrks) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds latest patch made game unplayable for me with this issue. Prior to this update I had a split second stutter. Now it's constant. Screen freezes, sound goes away, but I see now frame drop on my onscreen counter. 0% packet loss occurring during issue also as reported by the overlay

  • IamJKrew Justin Harris (@IamJKrew) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds How about you fix your game first before messing with dumb shit like blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys really suck ass!

  • MarianFriml Marian Friml (@MarianFriml) a signalé

    @karthiba1314 @PUBG_Support @ItsAttis @pubattlegrounds Same problem... hacker stole my acc and link with his twitter my account is happy be in auctions for sale !!!! Today 3rd person what i catch at my account how playing!!! Customer support dont care iam waiting 3months now results

  • farshad91255029 farshad (@farshad91255029) a signalé

    @BattleRoyaleMod @Arma3official @PLAYERUNKNOWN the only application i use is GFX tools as i live in iran i have a really bad internet and this app helps me to reduce lag while playing . it has more than 10M download if it’s because of this application i got banned let me know me know please . (id:5147200233)pubg mobile

  • Sahildi11246103 Sahil diwan (@Sahildi11246103) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds my pubg account was lost i did nt get my account i faced login revocked My NICKNAME- ATOMIC彡RAW HELP me to get back on my account soon as soon Thnks

  • kevin_ellenson Kevin Ellenson (@kevin_ellenson) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds please fix your server connection problems

  • gokublack94 Gokublack9000 (@gokublack94) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds please fix the god dam lag and bugs

  • R25Robin R Hood (@R25Robin) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds on xbox you have B button to exit vehicle. This has been an issue since inception. Can you not just change it to Y button so when coming of xbox guide menus you dont kill yourself

  • JanCabajar jan anton cabajar (@JanCabajar) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds its better to focus also on the technically side like building more server. like here in uae many players but we cant enjoy the game and what we paid for because no server its to much lag. thats why you lose more n more players

  • klov3rsux Klöv3r 🔜 #i65 (@klov3rsux) a signalé

    @WeefreemenYT /r/Pubattlegrounds aka PUBG Reddit is heavily modified. We work in tandem with PUBG Devs to ensure the best experience not only for our users, but also the devs. We prevent misinformation. And make sure any bugs and issues are seen and heard. 1/

  • budz7421 budz7421 (@budz7421) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds Fix the issue. Don't try to tell me how to use volume controls.

  • RoyJone89195331 Roy Jones (@RoyJone89195331) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds I can't start a match I don't know what's the issue I click play and nothing happens.....

  • Rusceldream Rds (@Rusceldream) a signalé

    @masferyap24 @PUBG_Help @ItsAttis @pubattlegrounds Same problem

  • Shuks_Avi Avinash Shukla (@Shuks_Avi) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds are servers under maintenance today. I'm not able to connect with the server in pubg mobile. It's showing error code 554827783

  • classic_cityzen Aman Parab (@classic_cityzen) a signalé

    @PUBG_Support @PUBGsupport @pubattlegrounds Constantly facing the "your data has been changed" issue inspite of playing the game's very frustrating.... please look into this matter

  • BillalK45653131 Billal Khan (@BillalK45653131) a signalé

    @pubattlegrounds no response from server try again later..plz help I'm facing this problem from last 5 days