Est-ce que Ring a une panne?

Ring Inc. est une société de sécurité domestique et de maison intelligente appartenant à Amazon. Ring fabrique des produits de sécurité à domicile qui intègrent des caméras de détection de mouvement extérieures, y compris Ring Video Doorbell.

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Ring Graphique d'interruption 09/26/2020 21:30

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  • ashokk Ashok Kuppusamy (@ashokk) a signalé

    Anyone else having problems getting Internet connectivity for their Ring POE cameras using CenturyLink? The cameras get power over POE fine but cannot connect to Internet unless via WiFi (which defeats the purpose of POE)! Ring tech support wasn’t able to fix. @ring

  • feebster13162 Keith James (@feebster13162) a signalé

    @ring is there a problem with the rapid ring app opening when you touch the motion alert notification as it opens to a blank screen showing just the green and red phone symbols..this is Apple iOS by the way.... thanks

  • jonleopold Jon Leopold (@jonleopold) a signalé

    @ring Homekit support? Or can you at least admit that promise is now broken?

  • justice4all77 justice4all77 (@justice4all77) a signalé

    @ring floodlights are not responding. Are your servers down

  • NinjaTrek2891 NinjaTrek2891 (@NinjaTrek2891) a signalé

    @ring This is the problem with Ring. When the internet fails or gets distrupted. Nothing is stored. The hardware is pretty good. But missing the option for local storage is just a big no go for me.

  • Rajesh09Sangam Rajesh Krishna sangam (@Rajesh09Sangam) a signalé

    @drriteshmalik @ring @amazon I have created a new an Unique idea for the Department of Telecommunications progress which is connected with paper garbage pour for recycling and provide some internet data to the 4G and 5G telecom users I hope you will give me an opportunity to create this new revolution

  • SandraQue Sandra B (@SandraQue) a signalé

    Has anyone experienced issues with their @ring doorbell when @fedex delivers a package? My video doesn't start till the driver is already back at his truck. I tried to use the @ring chat function for help and they ended the conversation with no resolution. #ringdoorbell #fedex

  • hollyboz94 H o l l y 🌼 B o s w e l l (@hollyboz94) a signalé

    @ring our doorbell is constantly on "critically low" meaning it isn't working to our phone or chime! Plz help

  • MrTobyCook Toby “Tobester” Cook (@MrTobyCook) a signalé

    Lawyer friends, can someone DM me about a spam issue? @ring has started emailing things that I can’t opt out of, and would like to know the CA law on that.

  • eboves Emilio Boves (@eboves) a signalé

    @ring Can I have a private server store the video and audio for privacy reasons and decoupling it from Amazon's servers?

  • StochasticFox Luxo was not the impostor. | BIack Lives Matter (@StochasticFox) a signalé

    Hey @amazon @ring...Black lives are not a sales point, and you can’t turn around and pretend like your motivation is to help instead of capitalize on outrage.

  • WolfSnap David (@WolfSnap) a signalé

    Wonder if @ring knows how terrible their overseas support centers are? Three calls, no resolution. Support used to be great — now I want to return every item I purchased and buy a different brand with support centers who actually understand English.

  • jillkgb Jill (@jillkgb) a signalé

    @ring 25 minutes on tech help for my solar path light help and the tech has no idea what device I’m talking about. I had to send HIM the correct picture.

  • Gaelic_Neilson Gaelic - Texas (@Gaelic_Neilson) a signalé

    @TashaARK @ring Problem is we really really want to believe this is real, but then.....🧐

  • ItsElijahCiali Elijah Ciali (@ItsElijahCiali) a signalé

    @LisaNaArtStudio @Dazz285 @ring Doesn’t matter who’s causing the issue, it’s still not Ring’s problem. That’s the issue we’re discussing. This guy is saying Ring has false advertising, which is a false statement in this case

  • LisaNaArtStudio Uranium Womyn 238 "Feed, Care4 & House the People" (@LisaNaArtStudio) a signalé

    @ItsElijahCiali @Dazz285 @ring It's actually the rural providers issue. People who live in rural area can't just go out and wrench the local cable or Tower and get more wifi themselves now can they? No that's a utility that needs to be provided to that community. Dur.

  • ItsElijahCiali Elijah Ciali (@ItsElijahCiali) a signalé

    @LisaNaArtStudio @Dazz285 @ring But if it’s purpose is to stream it’s video, it can only stream at the capacity of your WiFi. Again, if your WiFi can’t handle their products, that’s your issue, not theirs.

  • LisaNaArtStudio Uranium Womyn 238 "Feed, Care4 & House the People" (@LisaNaArtStudio) a signalé

    @ItsElijahCiali @Dazz285 @ring Not quite. A camera can function as a camera despite wifi accessibility. But the unit doesn't actually function to serve its purpose without strong wifi. Low wifi is a real issue in more rural areas.

  • ChrisLong25 Chris Long (@ChrisLong25) a signalé

    @CHRlSTlNE @ring Doesn’t mean I’m not working. Breaking down boxes for YOUR new chairs is WORK.

  • TonyCrisostomo Tesla Tony @CrewTesla (@TonyCrisostomo) a signalé de Maricopa, Arizona

    @ring @Mohmq7 Will you be having beta testers for this. I have been a beta tester for ring for a long time and I own a Tesla also. Hope to be of help.

  • chiefthotpatrol Thot Patrol (@chiefthotpatrol) a signalé

    @ring all these ******* in the comments saying that this will be useless. Are you kidding? Slap a gun on that **** and any 15 year that knocks on your door to sell you girl scout cookies will be Swiss cheese

  • ZafryImthisam Zafry Imthisam (@ZafryImthisam) a signalé

    @SuperSaf @ring This tech is not really intended for home security. But it could help in that case.

  • henrik_tech Henrik Techguy (@henrik_tech) a signalé

    @ijustine @ring Ring is terrible on so many levels. This adds another. Please don't but this.

  • char_fish Charlie Fish (@char_fish) a signalé

    @YenolamYaj I’m curious what product manager thought this was a good idea with all of the bad PR surrounding @ring

  • andyh_73 Andy (@andyh_73) a signalé

    @pbase @ring I was being facetious......I’ve already had 3 cameras replaced and about to contact Ring as one the replacements is now on the fritz. I’ve had really bad luck with Ring and the prospect of a Ring branded autonomous drone flying round my house is quite frankly laughable :)

  • dennis_heaton Dennis Heaton (@dennis_heaton) a signalé

    @ring I need some help with my services with you guys please.

  • Dazz285 Dazz285 (@Dazz285) a signalé

    @ring Wouldn't work with poor WiFi just like the existing camera setups.. Advertising is very misleading.

  • storm120371 ႽႠტRო1203 (@storm120371) a signalé

    @briantong @ring Not bad for $250 so your dog can jump up to try to catch it

  • Lulzaf101 Fazlul (@Lulzaf101) a signalé

    @ring Bois be like smash that ****.

  • HiOffCB5c3Zr8ZL p (@HiOffCB5c3Zr8ZL) a signalé

    What ******** is up with all these VC’s shitting on Facebook one day, and going crazy for that new @ring drone the next?