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La carte des pannes suivante montre les emplacements les plus récents dans le monde où les utilisateurs de TD Ameritrade ont signalé leurs problèmes et leurs pannes. Si vous rencontrez un problème avec TD Ameritrade et que votre région n'est pas répertoriée, veuillez soumettre un rapport ci-dessous.

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Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur TD Ameritrade. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

TD Ameritrade est un courtier qui offre une plateforme de négociation électronique pour le commerce d'actifs financiers, y compris les actions ordinaires, les actions privilégiées, les contrats à terme, les fonds négociés en bourse, les options, la crypto-monnaie, les fonds communs de placement et les placements à revenu fixe.

TD Ameritrade Emplacements les Plus Affectés

Les rapports d'interruption et les problèmes survenus au cours des 15 derniers jours provenaient de:
Emplacement Rapports
Boston, MA 2
Spring, TX 2
Dallas, TX 2
Baton Rouge, LA 2
Atlanta, GA 2
Carlsbad, CA 1
Annapolis, MD 1
Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv District 1
Lincoln Park, MI 1
Colorado Springs, CO 1
Cypress, TX 1
Hampton Bays, NY 1
Woodbridge, VA 1
Diamond Bar, CA 1
Effingham, IL 1
Temple, TX 1
Los Angeles, CA 1
Munnsville, NY 1
McHenry, IL 1
Lombard, IL 1
Perryville, MO 1
Roy, UT 1
Alexandria, Muḩāfaz̧at al Iskandarīyah 1
Plymouth, MA 1
Apache Junction, AZ 1
Delafield, WI 1
Manassas, VA 1
Freeland, WA 1
Fort Lauderdale, FL 1
Saint Augustine, FL 1
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TD Ameritrade Commentaires

Conseils? Frustrations? Partagez-le ici. Les commentaires utiles comprennent une description du problème, la ville et le code postal.

TD Ameritrade Rapports de Problèmes

Dernières pannes, problèmes et rapports de problèmes dans les médias sociaux:
  • Joey B (@JoeyBarbi3ri) a signalé de Boston, Massachusetts

    @TUNA625 @TDAmeritrade Ok, my company has some facilities down there. Lets talk this week bud, I would LOVE to help you.

  • Shawn Carr (@IrishBulll) a signalé

    @JoeyBarbi3ri @TDAmeritrade 300 thousand million wtf

  • George Moran (@GeorgeMoran_) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I am having the hardest time trying to track down a wire. I sent the wire from my bank on Oct 13 from my capital one account and it was received and accepted by Ameritrade on the same day. Due to my Individual account being closed the funds never made to my accoun

  • Taylor Kurtz (@RealTaylorKurtz) a signalé

    I can confidently say I had the single worst experience I've had with ANY company, in my entire life, today with @TDAmeritrade Years of business together ruined and a trust level at 0. I've never felt genuinely mislead, robbed and so disrespected by a single company.

  • Taylor Kurtz (@RealTaylorKurtz) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I've called that number 6+ times today. Hours on the phone. How about you ask for my number and call and tell me how you're going to fix the issue? I'm out 6k until God knows when, all thanks to @TDAmeritrade. Shameful and TERRIBLE business. I truly feel robbed and disrespected.

  • Taylor Kurtz (@RealTaylorKurtz) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I spent almost 5 hours dealing with something that I intended to spend 5 minutes on and genuinely feel I was duped. Which is not a good feeling. My experience with @TDAmeritrade was a horrible experience that eliminated 100% of the good faith built over the years. TERRIBLE time

  • Taylor Kurtz (@RealTaylorKurtz) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I'll elaborate. On a 5+ step signup process, I decided I wasn't interested in a product on step 3 only to learn @TDAmeritrade had already committed me to a $6000 deposit on step 2. Oh and they can't reverse it. Follow that up with absolutely horrific customer service. Terrible

  • Ladyface II: HODL 💎 (@LadyfaceI) a signalé

    I'm not on a vpn right now and am in the US, but on @TDAmeritrade sections of my positions page are in Chinese. On the phone with them now... Okay, tech support said it was a cache/cookies issue and that everything is okay. Anyone ever have this happen? #AMC

  • Katie (@Thoughts_NJ) a signalé

    For anyone having issues buying $zicx with @etrade you can call and place your order over the phone (they waived the fee for me) Since it just recently became pink current the change is still being processed. No problems buying online via @TDAmeritrade

  • Zhanae (@InvestorZha) a signalé

    Ok. I’m over E*Trade. @etrade keep on messing up my deposits and I’m trying to stack more $TGGI while it’s on sale. Customer Service SUCK, and no option to live chat. I’m moving everything to @TDAmeritrade 👻🤝

  • 7 Costanza (@100Fuegos_) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade my account shows a glitch.

  • Rajesh Poola S (@rajesh_poola) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade Did all of those and I use chrome as my browser still have the same issue Have reached out to TD Ameritrade help desk twice on this issue and have registered complain yet the provlem still persists

  • SimpleLogic (@SimpleLogic74) a signalé

    @Cryptopia33 @TDAmeritrade It’s not a problem. I don’t intend to sell my “meme” shares in Computershare. I have shares spread across a few brokerages and with my financial advisor anyway. As for ComputerShare I’ve had an account for many years since rhey were the transfer agent for a previous employer.

  • Bobby (@Donboblo) a signalé

    @Cryptopia33 @jteta12 @TDAmeritrade Other people have had this issue because one thing they bought was using a lil margin and they can't transfer margin. It was an easy fix. We need the details on this.

  • D🚀🌕💎✊🏽🦍 (@D92837946) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade Did you take customer’s money without buy them their shares? Is that why your finding if difficult to DRS transfer?

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