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TD Ameritrade est un courtier qui offre une plateforme de négociation électronique pour le commerce d'actifs financiers, y compris les actions ordinaires, les actions privilégiées, les contrats à terme, les fonds négociés en bourse, les options, la crypto-monnaie, les fonds communs de placement et les placements à revenu fixe.

TD Ameritrade Emplacements les Plus Affectés

Les rapports d'interruption et les problèmes survenus au cours des 15 derniers jours provenaient de:

Emplacement Rapports
Atlanta, GA 7
Los Angeles, CA 7
Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council 6
Mesa, AZ 5
Portland, OR 5
Las Vegas, NV 5
San Jose, CA 5
Fort Worth, TX 4
San Diego, CA 4
Tampa, FL 3
Denver, CO 3
Philadelphia, PA 3
Minneapolis, MN 3
Plano, TX 3
Kansas City, MO 3
Buffalo Grove, IL 3
Brooklyn, NY 3
Sacramento, CA 3
New York City, NY 3
Miami, FL 3
Washington, D.C., DC 2
San Antonio, TX 2
Gilbert, AZ 2
Rochester, NY 2
Phoenix, AZ 2
Saint Paul, MN 2
Dallas, TX 2
Holly Springs, NC 2
Greenwood, SC 2
Hawthorne, NJ 2

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TD Ameritrade Commentaires

Conseils? Frustrations? Partagez-le ici. Les commentaires utiles comprennent une description du problème, la ville et le code postal.

TD Ameritrade Rapports de Problèmes

Dernières pannes, problèmes et rapports de problèmes dans les médias sociaux:
  • DouglasRoberts (@DouglasRoberts) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade For the record.. called and got the issue fixed. Technical issue synced with another change I had recently made with my account. All is well. Shoutout to support for helping me timely

  • Credo Analog (@CredoAnalog) a signalé

    @SoftwareEUG @etrade Checking with my brother who uses @tdameritrade. The #Etrade site has been crappier since #morganstanley acquired it. I think it's time to move. And I have been an #etrade customer from the very beginning.

  • J.T. (@itch1182) a signalé

    @StockRetail No issues with @TDAmeritrade or @thinkorswim that I’ve noticed $AMC

  • White Boy Summer (@seahorseaf) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim @CharlesSchwab Worst bank ever

  • Richard Bleiberg (@priestfrag) a signalé

    Hey @TDAmeritrade, how cool would it be to automate trades with @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them? #Code_Free_Trading_Automation

  • GME Gang (@gmegang1) a signalé

    @EuanMcC_Coyg @Fidelity @TDAmeritrade Any firms that own greater than 5% of the stocks total issue are required to report their position; based on the last reports we’ve seen between, it’s a rather significant amount!

  • James Oliver (@JamesOliverPBF) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade With Biden in office my 401k is down 20% in 3 months!

  • Heath (@Heathbarz) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade hi, your app doesn’t work on my Apple Watch. I’ve tried reinstalling but still doesn’t work. Can you please help?

  • JAC (@crowley11111) a signalé

    $AMC 50 shares market won’t fill through @TDAmeritrade now @RobinHoodNYC won’t let me buy amc either wtf @SEC_Enforcement

  • Darius Savelov🇸🇬 (@dariussavelov) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade No worries, Singapore’s TD cant help either

  • THE BROOKLYN WORD (@thebrooklynword) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade is backed up as a result of all the new accounts leaving @robinhood. The bad thing is #Ameritrade didn't notify me that there was a delay in processing and it would take longer than 3-5 biz days. My request was sent in at least a week ago. #investing #RobinHood

  • Dez (@Dez_Trading) a signalé

    Might have to drop @TDAmeritrade. They are charging me so much damn interest on my margin.

  • clinton brock (@clintonbrock5) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade reign in the short sellers and manipulators and the market will flourish like the crypto market. wallstreet has been corrupt unethical and greedy too long and for what? devalued fiat currency. I have great companies I invest in and they are being systematically held down shorted!

  • Stick to Stocks 🦍 (@StickStocks) a signalé

    @WallStBetsWolf @TDAmeritrade Indeed. I’m done with stocks after this folks. Unless we get the help from the @SEC_Enforcement that I doubt we get. Rules are just rules. We need enforcement. I’ll never leave the apes 🦍 but I’m out after this.

  • Ape of Wall St 🦍 $AMC $GME $XTZ💎🤲🚀#MOASS (@WallStBetsWolf) a signalé

    @StickStocks @TDAmeritrade TD has been having A LOT of "errors" lately specifically revolving around $AMC

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