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TD Ameritrade est un courtier qui offre une plateforme de négociation électronique pour le commerce d'actifs financiers, y compris les actions ordinaires, les actions privilégiées, les contrats à terme, les fonds négociés en bourse, les options, la crypto-monnaie, les fonds communs de placement et les placements à revenu fixe.

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TD Ameritrade Graphique d'interruption 09/27/2021 21:45

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  • Plateforme d'échanges 26.89% Plateforme d'échanges
  • Website 26.05% Website
  • Retraits 3.36% Retraits
  • Dépôts 2.52% Dépôts

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United StatesFreeland Dépôts
United StatesFort Lauderdale Login
United StatesSaint Augustine Plateforme d'échanges
SwitzerlandZürich Login
United StatesNewark Plateforme d'échanges
United StatesGreenville Website

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  • Rose75219 Rose Howard🌹 (@Rose75219) a signalé

    @traderblast @TDAmeritrade I had similar issues with my account the support center wasn't helpful, a friend of mine recommended me to @Hackwizard06 on Instagram in less than 30min my account was back

  • SheetPink The Pink Sheet Prodigy (@SheetPink) a signalé

    Wish I could grab more $LLBO here. @TDAmeritrade help a brotha out

  • tradethenews3 tradethenews (@tradethenews3) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade you're showing ticker strc is up 150% but it's actually down today.

  • MLIAIH JD (@MLIAIH) a signalé

    @thisisorlando @TDAmeritrade E-trade reporting the same 260% supposedly it was an error of it being 20% and they updated it Friday to 260% and thats why I thought the price spike Friday back above 6.00. Im not sure if the chat is really the bank also on the weekend especially they use Telecom services.

  • mrpaulren Paul Renaud 🇨🇦 (@mrpaulren) a signalé

    @Ws_Viking @ORTEX @TDAmeritrade Are you asking them MR vs SI? The maintenance fee is broker specific. On questrade, for example, it's 250% margin requirement for shorting BBIG. The SI is a whole other data point.

  • beavacuda BEAVACUDA (@beavacuda) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade do you offer 24/7 customer service on your trading platform?

  • steadyflossin ChickenKatsuAllRiceNoMac (@steadyflossin) a signalé

    @BossBlunts1 Most likely an error on @TDAmeritrade platform as no other sources are reflecting this information. Loved for it to be true since I do hold some $BBIG, but this is a nothing burger...

  • Jonnyylove Jonny Love (@Jonnyylove) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade @etrade is your $BBIG Short Interest Numbers accurate? Containing no errors? #BBIGSqueeze

  • Jonnyylove Jonny Love (@Jonnyylove) a signalé

    TD nor ETrade came out saying August reporting had issues or weren’t accurate… 191% Reported then…. As of 9/15 SI is now 260.11% according to both @TDAmeritrade @etrade

  • thisisorlando Orlando (@thisisorlando) a signalé

    @Xx_WiReD_xX @TRUExDEMON @TDAmeritrade Man I love them. Been a customer for years, always responsive, patient and practical. I’ll check again later today or tomorrow if they have an update as for why that could’ve happened.

  • Daddy_Daytrader Daddy Daytrader (@Daddy_Daytrader) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade @Jules0290 So terrible. Still to this day.

  • timjinsd the_bearded_braj (@timjinsd) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade What is wrong with your OnDemand feature? It's unbelievably laggy. I'm 9 minutes into the open and I only have 4 - 1 minute candles. I'm hard wired 150 down/12 up (Mbps) so it's not my connection.

  • JohnnybSCARED Johnny B (@JohnnybSCARED) a signalé

    @JoeyBarbi3ri @TDAmeritrade How ******** is this even possible

  • nevermind4422 Nevermind4422 (@nevermind4422) a signalé

    @Nm121287 @TDAmeritrade I totally feel ur pain. Unfortunately TD after the merger is getting worse and worse everyday !! I really wish the deal with that stupid Schwab company never happened ! The advantages of having TD account are all gone and now there is nothing really special with TD @CharlesSchwab

  • capestockguy Kev (@capestockguy) a signalé

    Just pathetic how bad @Fidelity is compared to @TDAmeritrade LET ME TRADE YOU CROOKS

  • kindagonzo Chris Gonzalez (@kindagonzo) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade are your servers down for maintenance? I keep getting an error stating "TDA orders cannot be handled on this server."

  • txogswell txogswell (@txogswell) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I’ve never had this issue the past. And what is this “handbook” is this new?

  • DavegiudiceDave davegiudice (@DavegiudiceDave) a signalé

    @lake_resources Guys, we have a problem with TD Ameritrade accepting shares on behalf of USA shareholders. @TDAmeritrade TD America's response to Lakes Bonus Shares for USA Shareholders. 1 of 2 Firstly, we have not received any official information on this offer.

  • pandabearchap stocktraderpanda (@pandabearchap) a signalé

    @RobertPaege @TDAmeritrade I used to get pretty good prices w limit ask/bid orders. Now I get the worst possible prices since AMTD switch to SCHWAB.

  • TheBigM_1 MoneyMark (@TheBigM_1) a signalé

    @Fisher_Trades I’ve been buying since .06 before they cut me off. This is truly terrible. $goff. @TDAmeritrade it’s my money let me spend it.

  • BruiserWx Andy (@BruiserWx) a signalé

    @JMcNichol_TDA @TDAmeritrade If McConnell shuts down the government, do you think a market downturn will follow?

  • DigitalAssetUpd Digital Asset Updates (@DigitalAssetUpd) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I earn 6.2% on my #Bitcoin which is appreciating an average of 150% a year on Celsius Network Can you beat that? Or is your "High Yield Savings" still .5%??

  • augiebednar The AugFather (@augiebednar) a signalé

    @RetroGaming1UP Can't buy it on @TDAmeritrade This is what keeps coming up when I try: No opening transactions are allowed on securities affected by amendments to SEC Rule 15c2-11. WTF?

  • KorenReyes 𝚔𝚘𝚛𝚎𝚗 𝚛𝚎𝚢𝚎𝚜 𝚙𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚘𝚐 (@KorenReyes) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade It's not a bad platform, but @tastyworks Tastyworks is so much better.

  • JEFFREAUME GMguyJeff (@JEFFREAUME) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade @RyanWit92758233 The warrants expire 9/30/21 so your company needs to get the facts and help this customer

  • Stephenchilada M.B.A Youngboy (@Stephenchilada) a signalé

    **** @TDAmeritrade for making me wait 4 days for funds to clear. Deposit money to buy during the dip and by the time i’m able to use it everything’s back at all time highs. Money has been out of my bank for 3 days but apparently it’s still not mine to use.

  • txogswell txogswell (@txogswell) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I transferred money to my account but having issues with buying stocks. It’s day 2 now of this issue. What’s going on?

  • 19savagestreet SlappinAsk (@19savagestreet) a signalé

    @JayDOli1 @jelbelz @TDAmeritrade Stop came down, can buy this now

  • ls40095 Mike Machi (@ls40095) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade It’s on ur end. The usual issues. Charts not available, glitchy, slow and unresponsive

  • ls40095 Mike Machi (@ls40095) a signalé

    Fed day and @TDAmeritrade is DOWN. NO STREAMING QUOTES. IDIOTS