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TD Ameritrade est un courtier qui offre une plateforme de négociation électronique pour le commerce d'actifs financiers, y compris les actions ordinaires, les actions privilégiées, les contrats à terme, les fonds négociés en bourse, les options, la crypto-monnaie, les fonds communs de placement et les placements à revenu fixe.

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TD Ameritrade problèmes dans les dernières 24 heures

TD Ameritrade Graphique d'interruption 06/14/2021 05:15

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur TD Ameritrade. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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  • scottkutler Scott 🚀 (@scottkutler) a signalé

    @GlouriousAldo @CGasparino @TDAmeritrade I didn’t have any problems with TD - only RH.

  • CuckRon RCN (@CuckRon) a signalé

    Can you please fix the glitch where on the 5 year chart. If I zoom in and slide to the right on mobile app, the app crashes. And partial shares. @TDAmeritrade Fidelity doesn’t have that issue @Fidelity

  • chris91480831 chris (@chris91480831) a signalé

    $GTii issued a press release to help investors and try to help save the company. It has over 70,000,000 naked shorted shares and they prime brokers like @Fidelity @TDAmeritrade and other brokerage back offices are delaying the process of transferring the warrants to the

  • TheTampaTrader 《Tampa☆Trader》 (@TheTampaTrader) a signalé

    @PersonalCapital @jsusek Since May 22, PC isn’t working properly for @TDAmeritrade account holders. You’d think three weeks would be enough time to fix whatever the issue is??

  • Gump_44 Forrest Gump (@Gump_44) a signalé

    @LithiumAmerican Followed up again w/ @TDAmeritrade. They assured me they DO NOT have any shares issues from AST & opened up an investigation - the AST agent’s response was simply not true. Still no share & very confused. @TDAmeritrade, y’all’s customer service today was A+ (polite, etc.) 🤬😭😑

  • TriTexan Tri(film the police) Texan (@TriTexan) a signalé

    @trytohelpyou1 @CharlesSchwab @TDAmeritrade Absolutely can. TDA has never been a problem. To be clear this isn't day trading a single stock. I sold X this AM, wanted to replace it with Y later the same day. Nope...not enough funds even tho well over $1M is shown as cash. Worked fine in my other 401k. Both are 7 fig accts.

  • broken_brokers Broken Brokers (@broken_brokers) a signalé

    @vxx46 @TDAmeritrade Give us a follow to get updates on broker issues!

  • illogirls Janie G (@illogirls) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade They did, and they gaslighted me saying that the orders filled immediately, which they did not. I really like you guys and I wasn't asking for much other than today's option fees back, it's not like I was trying to recoop any losses due to your outage. I'm very disappointed.

  • illogirls Janie G (@illogirls) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I'm not in that region, the software was extremely slow for filling contract orders this morning.

  • taylormaden81 Trading In Da Trap (@taylormaden81) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade really trying to lose a customer 😒😤😤😤

  • MsGreatApe Ms.Great Ape🦍💎 (@MsGreatApe) a signalé

    Is anyone else having issues with their TD Ameritrade account right now? @TDAmeritrade @TDANetwork

  • TriTexan Tri(film the police) Texan (@TriTexan) a signalé

    @trytohelpyou1 @CharlesSchwab @TDAmeritrade Also - this is not a margin account (thats not allowed in 401k/retirement accounts). The only problem would be if Schwab lacks the capital to clear customer trades like happened to Robinhood recently.

  • TriTexan Tri(film the police) Texan (@TriTexan) a signalé

    @trytohelpyou1 @CharlesSchwab @TDAmeritrade This is seven figure account. Its clear that the problem is that Schwab won't let you sell a million dollars worth of stock and then buy a different stock on the same day. But every other self-directed brokerage I have allows this. Its clearly Schwab hedging or floating somehow.

  • humblehustle_co Jsmith (@humblehustle_co) a signalé

    @stock_pac Get off RH ASAP. I transferred all positions that I had on RH to @TDAmeritrade and it was a very quick process…like 3 days. Plus TD’s customer service was great! Robinhood is garbage…not just saying that. It’s trash..and they will do shady **** when AMC squeezes. Fact $amc

  • jjthestud TheDarkNight (@jjthestud) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade can you do me a favor and before posting another FUD piece of BS, why don’t you get your facts straight, and get them from someone other than marketwatch( the citadel run FUD spread). THE SEC isn’t investigating gamestop. They asked GameStop for their help

  • dejamike Mikee (@dejamike) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade That was all you needed to say. If you go back to my earlier comments, when I called in this morning, your rep told me that was my fault and that I might have bad internet connection. You are more than welcome to pull the recording to make sure I didn’t make this up.

  • Mike_Jaye_ Mike (@Mike_Jaye_) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade Gotta say very disappointed with the outcome here. The customer rep was very pleasant but definitely losing confidence in this platform as a trading vehicle

  • illogirls Janie G (@illogirls) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade Your downed and slowed TOS software killed my scalps. To think I still paid a fee for every option contract I traded. I expect this from a free site like #Webull but not from #ameritrade Very unhappy customer here. You can do better. #tdameritrade

  • MichaelArbu Just Mike (@MichaelArbu) a signalé

    @1cornHunter @TDAmeritrade The retail shareholder is basically screwed today, maybe through to Tuesday while they “reorg” with the reverse split and move to the exchange. Not the words they used exactly, but finally got an answer in TD chat support and over the phone at the same time.

  • OlllieCastaneda Ollie Castaneda (@OlllieCastaneda) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade ****** feed, ****** service cost me money today. ThinkorSwim nothing but frozen quotes and charts and wrong data. No don't blame Verizon, it was you.

  • OptionsRule OptionsRule (ORB) (@OptionsRule) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade PATHETIC 😡 Service restored but damn way to screw positions. Thanks!

  • ds5780 BottomUp_23 (@ds5780) a signalé

    @CCMbuilds @TDAmeritrade Called them MOFOS they don't know WDH is going on. Terrible POS.

  • DProfessaG G (@DProfessaG) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I tried on 4G and it wasn't working. It seems to be back online now, but slow. Thanks for responding.

  • MichaelArbu Just Mike (@MichaelArbu) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade Can you refund any $$$ money lost due to your regular ineptitude toward providing a stable platform? Yes, desktop, mobile, etc, doesn’t matter. And no customer service response when calling or trying to chat.

  • vincent37434668 vincent (@vincent37434668) a signalé

    @jimcramer let’s bring up the @TDAmeritrade issues and how it has taken over 1hr to connect with tech support. Looks like they have joined the @RobinhoodApp in being a trash platform in performance.

  • dejamike Mikee (@dejamike) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade So I called back and spoke with a rep named John Lyons, he was way more professional than who I spoke with this morning and I thank him for that. If the guy this morning said what John said (apologizing for the situation and not blame the client on platform issue)…I would…

  • ChrisManhattan Chris Manhattan (@ChrisManhattan) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade Ur app sucks so bad! I've never had so many issues with an app ever! It's sad & completely unprofessional! Ur higher management should be embarrassed! U guys need to take the time and money to completely re-do your app! A new version! #TDAmeritradedown #TDAmeritrade

  • LookAtTheVolume Turnupthevolume (@LookAtTheVolume) a signalé

    @vxx46 @TDAmeritrade App was slow as hell for me today.

  • flipquick249 Tink (@flipquick249) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade @MoneOnMy_Noggin mobile app just as bad. all 3 options are "down"

  • ChrisManhattan Chris Manhattan (@ChrisManhattan) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade @GregMortenson2 Ur app sucks so bad! I've never had so many issues with an app ever! It's sad and completely unprofessional! Your higher management should be embarrassed. You guys need to take the time and money to completely re-do your app! A new version! #TDAmeritradedown #TDAmeritrade