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TD Ameritrade est un courtier qui offre une plateforme de négociation électronique pour le commerce d'actifs financiers, y compris les actions ordinaires, les actions privilégiées, les contrats à terme, les fonds négociés en bourse, les options, la crypto-monnaie, les fonds communs de placement et les placements à revenu fixe.

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TD Ameritrade Graphique d'interruption 01/26/2022 18:35

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  • Login 69.62% Login
  • Website 22.15% Website
  • Plateforme d'échanges 6.54% Plateforme d'échanges
  • Retraits .84% Retraits
  • Dépôts .84% Dépôts

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United StatesGeneva Plateforme d'échanges
United StatesGeneva Plateforme d'échanges
AustraliaSydney Login
United StatesSan Antonio Login
United StatesLewiston Website
SpainSanta Cruz de Tenerife Plateforme d'échanges

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  • cpizzlin c pizzle (@cpizzlin) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade @ChristopherRadu Your quotes were down again today, why not be proactive and notify users rather than play these shenanigans on social media

  • shadowtaco_ shadow taco (@shadowtaco_) a signalé

    What in the bizarre stop loss just happened??? @TDAmeritrade how tf did my stop loss trigger when it never hit there on the chart like wtf??? $atvi puts just did some sus *** ****

  • PrettyLilly20 Pretty Lilly (@PrettyLilly20) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade terrible terrible terrible....

  • Overlord_Potato Katpitulation (@Overlord_Potato) a signalé

    missed the meat of the move down on indexes, courtesy of outage by @thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade charts resumed right as we bottomed *applause*

  • JoshuaMBelanger Joshua Belanger (@JoshuaMBelanger) a signalé

    There are many issues with the legacy fintech brokerages, but the main one is the trading desk. On each roll-up, they get smaller and lack basic market knowledge. @TDAmeritrade

  • SpecialK11_11 K (@SpecialK11_11) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade why is NQ on TOS down yet again?? It’s been frozen for the last 10 minutes!

  • notoriouspaulie Notorious Joey Knish (@notoriouspaulie) a signalé

    Hey @TDAmeritrade and @thinkorswim what in the actual **** this is getting out of control

  • averygrrl Avery 🌸💝📈📊💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) a signalé

    @AGMILONE @thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade PDT flagged wiped..... once in a lifetime now (used to be every 90 days!)..... now I have to put 25k in a TD account, which is honestly the worst part of this whole thing.

  • RealFloorTrader RichieRichRupees (@RealFloorTrader) a signalé

    Lmao @RobinhoodApp could never give me support like @TDAmeritrade TOS not loading on my mac A WHOLE *** DUDE IS FIXING IT WHILE TALKING TO ME HAHAHA MOVING ALL MY BREAD THERE **** ROBINHOOD

  • averygrrl Avery 🌸💝📈📊💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) a signalé

    @AGMILONE @thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade Get this: Nobody at TD knows when the cutoff "time" is for PDT..... 12am? 8pm? 5pm? 6pm? Nobody knows. So they have to ask the back office team/margin desk to sort it out; I'll get TS involved to fix ThinkOrSwim so this doesn't happen to you or any of my followers or retail apes

  • averygrrl Avery 🌸💝📈📊💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) a signalé

    @AGMILONE @thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade I am on the phone with the margin desk, tech support, and general support, and asked them to conference in the back office team. I will get this sorted out. Retail does not deserve this kind of horrid treatment while institutions can do anything we like... I'm on your side!

  • averygrrl Avery 🌸💝📈📊💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) a signalé

    @AGMILONE @thinkorswim The platform is verifiably wrong and does not adhere to FINRA/SEC regulations in the warnings it gives; they're misleading and dangerous and an abdication of @TDAmeritrade's fiduciary duty. They should be ashamed and need to fix this immediately. Schwab, I imagine, is worse.

  • jnsingh Jitesh Singh (@jnsingh) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade one of the worst financial institution. Called this morning and talked to supervisor @andrepaysome worst customer service.

  • chaz_gezit Chaz Gezit (@chaz_gezit) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade damn you app. What is my username?

  • ATXfisherwoman Mrs.BudFox (@ATXfisherwoman) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade fix you $SPY chart!!!!

  • ocean_bath no ya (@ocean_bath) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade how do you delete alerts on the app? swiping left or right doesn’t do anything. no options to get rid of or cancel as far as i can see. i tried googling an solution also

  • KpPeeps KPeeps (@KpPeeps) a signalé

    @trader_bearded @TDAmeritrade Let's GO @TDAmeritrade - FIX IT!!!🧐

  • trader_bearded The Bearded Trader (@trader_bearded) a signalé

    @KpPeeps @TDAmeritrade yes, its awful

  • hawkingtrades K2 (@hawkingtrades) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade I’ve been on the phone for 3 hours and each person sends me to another person for a simple question. Fix your customer service please

  • KpPeeps KPeeps (@KpPeeps) a signalé

    Anyone else having issues with Time/Sales on @TDAmeritrade Trade architect ??

  • DbullLeon LeonDbull (@DbullLeon) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade $GGII $TXTM Seems the OTC Time and Sales were broken over the weekend Please Fix It, It's been like this all day Thanks in advance

  • artoflions 🌐Komrade Carter 🤫🌐 (@artoflions) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade nowhere to be found while the OTC is being manipulated down. #Revenge #goodbyeRetail

  • COSam2 A Utah Man🌹🥣 (@COSam2) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade are you having issues?

  • BawzRs Gage (@BawzRs) a signalé

    Why is my L2 not working on OTC? @TDAmeritrade

  • pb_1973 pb_trading 🇺🇸 👨‍👩‍👧 (@pb_1973) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade time and sales feed for otc not working for me all morning on pc tos and web, feel blind. 😕

  • onlylaverdad1 silaverdad (@onlylaverdad1) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade L2 think or swim not working. only price ask and bids...not last prices

  • WhereDaStocksAt WhereDaStocksAt (@WhereDaStocksAt) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade Hard to do with a broken platform

  • AndersChiTown Anders (@AndersChiTown) a signalé

    @thinkorswim @TDANetwork @TDAmeritrade YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT WORKING! 👎

  • tradeliknegyptn $KK (@tradeliknegyptn) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade fix your **** 😡🤬

  • Johnstown12 Dave Dorn (@Johnstown12) a signalé

    @TDAmeritrade @WTF_OS TOS no L2 time and sales for OTC tickers, yet, how convenient they are down first thing on a Monday morning for already the first 50 mins. Corruption and incompetence