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Trading 212 est un courtier en ligne fondé en 2006 qui propose le trading d'actions, le trading de forex, le trading de matières premières, le trading d'indices et plus encore.

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Trading 212 Graphique d'interruption 08/14/2020 07:10

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur Trading 212. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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  • ElPatoSergi PatoSergi uwu (@ElPatoSergi) a signalé

    @Trading212 He cumplido mi sueño, una empresa me ha respondido Pd: Esa funcion es una reverenda mierda

  • LuisDiiz Luisito 🐾 (@LuisDiiz) a signalé

    Me voy a cagar en vuestra re mil putas pisoteadas, que no quiero invertir sin comisiones con trading 212 puto Youtube me cago en vuestros anuncios, en Trading 212 y en inversiones de mierda @YouTubeEspanol @Trading212

  • JDeaco JD (@JDeaco) a signalé

    @Trading212 And I still never got my free shares, I didn't get one for signing up and I didn't get one when referring a friend. Bit of a joke to be honest, customer service didn't seem to want to help. Poor.

  • JDeaco JD (@JDeaco) a signalé

    @LondonNewsVideo @RFilmer32 @Trading212 I've had 2 friends join now through my link and neither of us got the free share, I complained and got nowhere, really crap service when it comes to the referral link.

  • StonkmannE Stonkmann Evergreen (@StonkmannE) a signalé

    @Trading212 @Seancharles1234 Having the exact same issue. Had a loss from the second I entered the position. When avg price increases my losses decrease but when it decreases vice versa

  • SnapdragonMoney Oli⚖️ (@SnapdragonMoney) a signalé

    @RidleyLevelsUp Hey Ridley, it might be worth switching from the Trading212 Investment account to the ISA. Down the line in the investment account I believe you’ll be taxed on cap gains over £12k and divs over £2k. In the ISA you can invest £20k per tax year and pay no tax. (1/2)

  • FroggattHayden Hayden Froggatt (@FroggattHayden) a signalé

    @Trading212 @henryjames1973 Didn’t need to was only down for a short time, thanks

  • Dereck41009141 Dereck (@Dereck41009141) a signalé

    @Trading212 your servers are down when I really need to make a trade, time to change brokers I think. Plus you don’t honour your so called free shares for recommending a friend - im not the only one. My advice, find a better broker!

  • FroggattHayden Hayden Froggatt (@FroggattHayden) a signalé

    Have the trading 212 servers gone down @Trading212 #Trading212 ?

  • kallykang1 kallykang (@kallykang1) a signalé

    @Tr4pSt3R @Trading212 Same here, I have a simple query and seems like weeks before anyone replies or helps and when they help it’s so basic hardly worth the effort

  • 12nr1981 AndrzejL (@12nr1981) a signalé

    I would rather slide down the bannister made of razers into a tub of salt then use @audible_com or @trading212. Why? Because your stupid ads interrupt most of the @YouTube videos. Several times during one video. If you’re advertising on youtube I refuse to use your service.

  • vonjornno 👑 (@vonjornno) a signalé

    Trading212 hello, I can’t seem to get pass the Identity verification stage. Series of mails have been sent to our customer service team but not positive feedback. Please help

  • its_YEMI 👑Dökun (@its_YEMI) a signalé

    @Trading212 hello, I can’t seem to get pass the Identity verification stage. Series of mails have been sent to our customer service team but not positive feedback. Please help

  • 94KW KIERAN 🇬🇩 (@94KW) a signalé

    @HoodiniMuzik @Trading212 There are improving (but better), I like AJ bell if you looking for low cost fee and customer services

  • RichardCowen Richard Cowen (@RichardCowen) a signalé

    @Trading212 Why can I log into my account on a computer but get an error message “can’t connect to server” on the app on my phone

  • FANJALATOR قﺂ̲ﻋﺩ̲ة ﻓ̲ﻧ̲ﺟ̅ﺂ̲ (@FANJALATOR) a signalé

    @Tr4pSt3R @Trading212 They are worst

  • Fanja_glory الاسطورة الملكية (@Fanja_glory) a signalé

    @Trading212 Customer service is the worst in any industry. Is there a way for the live chat? The problems am facing with you can be finished in minutes not days!!

  • BArtisttt b artist (@BArtisttt) a signalé

    @Trading212 There isn't any new email yet,will wait a bit more for it thank you for the support 👍🏼

  • vyomsinghal Vyom (@vyomsinghal) a signalé

    @Trading212 People will start closing the accounts like considering the issues they are facing. I can’t buy positions more than it has been specified even if I have money..

  • DesFrenkel Frenkel (@DesFrenkel) a signalé

    @Trading212 I've already uploaded my bank statement 3 times, I can't understand why you keep rejecting it. @eToro verified my account right away, can you help m e or I keep trading with etoro? Thank you.

  • Tr4pSt3R Tr4pSt3R (@Tr4pSt3R) a signalé

    @Trading212 what's up with your Customer Service please? It takes too long to resolve simple queries.

  • tom13623081 tom (@tom13623081) a signalé

    @TommyTJ_97 @Trading212 Did this ever fix for you?

  • tom13623081 tom (@tom13623081) a signalé

    @Trading212 hello I have been trying to make trades all day but i am receiving the message that is reached maximum quantity on this instrument. How do I fix this please?

  • BArtisttt b artist (@BArtisttt) a signalé

    @Trading212 I have sent a lot of documents to verify address but I'm getting rejected with no explanation, I don't know what to send anymore, any help?

  • Stockinfo14 Dan (@Stockinfo14) a signalé

    @Trading212 @TheFCA Yes but your system being slow took me out of a trade when I’m looking at a higher sell price, whilst trying to adjust my stop down further. Terrible

  • Pat1Max Patricius Maximus (@Pat1Max) a signalé

    @Trading212 I emailed them about it last week and still haven't had a response! I've also tried calling but your phone line is never available and there is no live chat option on the site. This lacking customer service make me very wary of putting my money on your platform.

  • Kronelicht Jim (@Kronelicht) a signalé

    @Trading212 my stock positions are locked because they used to belong to a pie that I deleted - now I can’t sell them anymore. Help!

  • S111NLC Sunil Chauhan (@S111NLC) a signalé

    Hey @Trading212, do you support the ability for me to create a trading account for my 3 yo son, so I that I can buy shares in his name and eventually grant him ownership when he turns 18?

  • Stockinfo14 Dan (@Stockinfo14) a signalé

    @Trading212 can I have an email contact please to raise a complaint on your platform please.

  • Darkoo89 ja (@Darkoo89) a signalé

    @Trading212 I have a question. when I use a trailing stop why it also goes down when the share price drops, wouldnt the stop price be fix then?