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CMC Markets est une société basée au Royaume-Uni qui propose des opérations en ligne sur les actions, des paris sur les spreads, des contrats de différence (CFD) et des devises sur les marchés mondiaux. Le siège social de CMC est situé à Londres, avec des hubs à Sydney et à Singapour. Il est coté à la Bourse de Londres.

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CMC Markets Graphique d'interruption 04/17/2021 19:35

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur CMC Markets. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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Dernières pannes, problèmes et rapports de problèmes dans les médias sociaux:
  • Omar12346459 Omar Corona (@Omar12346459) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Are you serious there's no cancel or amend option online if you make a mistake while placing an order? I just lost money in the most stupid way today. I added a wrong number but I noticed right away. I wanted to amend it just to find out there's no option online...

  • amanda57a amanda sweeney (@amanda57a) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets issues with your site again.. why am I being logged out literally everytime I leave page even a few seconds to open/check a different browser?

  • depechedmodem John (@depechedmodem) a signalé

    @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets It's about time! But the 'Flaccid 100' needs a jab/shot in the arm. If only the overvalued #GBP would plunge c10% it would help? Ah well, Rishi's £ will hit the skids eventually. In other news; nice to see ECK/AVG/GFM/IDOX/RWI on the up (All back of the sock drawer stuff ;-))

  • Sanjeev_Varma Sanjeev Varma (@Sanjeev_Varma) a signalé

    @amanda57a @CMCMarkets I’ve had issues with them in the past and don’t use them anymore

  • amanda57a amanda sweeney (@amanda57a) a signalé

    Anyone using @CMCMarkets be very careful money has gone missing when I have made withdrawal last 48 hours.. and other refused.. no attempt to contact me and explain. Taken 2calls for a "we have issue with card company" reason and still money not accounted for...

  • topbangerQQQ B787 (@topbangerQQQ) a signalé

    @1nvestorscentre @CMCMarkets **** platform this is the last straw for me moving over to IG to many issues

  • TraderDivergent The Divergent Trader (@TraderDivergent) a signalé

    @Themast29295636 @CMCMarkets Yeah no problems, glad I can help stop others from losing money too!

  • Themast29295636 Themasterplan (@Themast29295636) a signalé

    @TraderDivergent @CMCMarkets That is terrible. Sorry to hear this TDT but yes very lucky it was not your main account! I will most certainly NOT be using these and will not recommend them to my friends! Thank you for the warning.

  • vryzenok Vitalijus Ryzenok (@vryzenok) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Please help, Samsung, Android, your app crashing. Works ok on PC desktop, but app not working.

  • forexfukuoka buy buy bitcoin (@forexfukuoka) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Hey Dude can you. Advice to Buy. #BID @Bidaochain to. Be rich. Very. Quick I. Am. Not. Joking you. Will. Regret how. Was. I stupid not it. Foolish . To buy this. Life game changer easy money & free. Money forget. The. NFT lol forget it king #DeFi #BTC     $BID

  • g_kaursandhu Gurpreet Kaur (@g_kaursandhu) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Worst experience, just getting an account on your platform. 2 months to verify???? You guys should do better

  • jheprivate Julian Edwards (@jheprivate) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets @OptoCMC Are you able to direct me to someone at CMC Markets, who could help me have some replies to these questions? Regards

  • jheprivate Julian Edwards (@jheprivate) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets @OptoCMC I am a live account holder and despite an email sent to customer service and compliance, I still have had no response to the following questions:

  • DeanThompson777 One Trade From Zero (@DeanThompson777) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Problem back: Got logged out by platform -- when logged back in "User Data Unavailable" (same problem as 6 hours earlier so was it resolved or not?).

  • DeanThompson777 One Trade From Zero (@DeanThompson777) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets @CMCMarketsAusNZ -- if this situation follows the same procedures as prior problems there will be no status updates and we have to just keep waiting and trying to log in and out until resolved.

  • DeanThompson777 One Trade From Zero (@DeanThompson777) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets @CMCMarketsAusNZ P.S. It would be a good idea when there is a known problem that you send an SMS to all customers so they know you're aware of the problem and provide an ETA for resolution 1/2

  • DeanThompson777 One Trade From Zero (@DeanThompson777) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets @CMCMarketsAusNZ I'm getting "User Data Unavailable" when I log in to web platform. I know it's a public holiday in the eastern states but does that mean there's no support or anyone maintaining your servers while the rest of the world's markets are open?

  • iiidanskiii Daniel Kalinowski (@iiidanskiii) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Hi, i'm having issues with the website. (user data unavailable) how can this be fixed

  • techtrader33 blue market guru (@techtrader33) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets are you working on restoring the user data sources, can we have an estimate of time how long this will be down please?

  • gkgk2222 Gary Kay (@gkgk2222) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Is there a problem on the platform?

  • Peterc11111 Peter (@Peterc11111) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets, the Australian service is having many issues with account setup, would like to join and start buying but unfortunately I'm not able to. You have a great platform but I haven't been able to use it.

  • DreAviation Dre_Aviation (@DreAviation) a signalé

    @CalumKemp @CMCMarkets I managed to login just now, please try again... as usual no updates from CMC....

  • eloi1975 INDY MacroTrader (@eloi1975) a signalé

    @DreAviation @CMCMarkets yes it seems everyonef is having this issue. Doesnt recognise log in details and asks to call customer service. How ******** can a broker like @CMCMarkets have so many technical problems. Get ur act together.

  • forex1074 Forex1074 (@forex1074) a signalé

    @DreAviation @CMCMarkets yes - can't log into my account and it tells me to ring the customer service number - which doesn't connect!

  • DreAviation Dre_Aviation (@DreAviation) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets is there a problem with the platofrm? am having login usual your telephone lines are "busy", please update. Is anyone else also having this issue?

  • Chris_Kelly94 Chris Kelly (@Chris_Kelly94) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Your platform is down. Pls fix

  • GunnerMighty Mighty Gunner (@GunnerMighty) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets is the platform down. I can't login

  • NishRK12 RT (@NishRK12) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Platform down! Fix it, please asap.

  • depechedmodem John (@depechedmodem) a signalé

    @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets 'Mister Speaker, whenever I borrow more money the #gbp surges. The #FX market is clueless - but like my smile. They believe me. Mr Speaker this government is committed to ending #climatechange which is why we've shut the economy down and intend to close all pubs. It'll.....

  • jpm19404574 jpm (@jpm19404574) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets scheduled maintenance wasn’t even scheduled