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CMC Markets est une société basée au Royaume-Uni qui propose des opérations en ligne sur les actions, des paris sur les spreads, des contrats de différence (CFD) et des devises sur les marchés mondiaux. Le siège social de CMC est situé à Londres, avec des hubs à Sydney et à Singapour. Il est coté à la Bourse de Londres.

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CMC Markets Graphique d'interruption 01/17/2021 04:10

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur CMC Markets. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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Dernières pannes, problèmes et rapports de problèmes dans les médias sociaux:
  • PeopLytics canberra_analytica (@PeopLytics) a signalé

    Is there a decent stock trading platform that Australians can use to trade US stock. Being let down by the snail pace of @CMCMarkets

  • PeopLytics canberra_analytica (@PeopLytics) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets you charge us good coin for your service. Can you please bring your service to be more reliable so we can trade international stock without getting let down by your platform

  • Rickpilk Rick Pilkington (@Rickpilk) a signalé

    I need to find another trading platform. @CMCMarkets is a disgrace. Will cost you money. Nights are the worst. Platform just turns to ****. They dont care. Awful. Any recommendations on a fast reliable trading platform.

  • mhewson_CMC Michael Hewson 🇬🇧 (@mhewson_CMC) a signalé

    @UreshP @CMCMarkets hi mate - certainly looks like it - a bad tick mate

  • NikkiSatmaka Nikki Satmaka (@NikkiSatmaka) a signalé

    @mylesfdo @CMCMarkets Mine is down as well

  • mylesfdo Myles Phago (@mylesfdo) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets is actual app & platform all down? Positions and quotes not changed for about an hour now

  • mylesfdo Myles Phago (@mylesfdo) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Is app down?

  • martinmills30 Martín Mills (@martinmills30) a signalé

    What happened to CMC Stockbroking? The pro platform doesn't let me in since this morning and the web platform seems to be down now. @CMCMarkets

  • JakeDrw Jake Drew (@JakeDrw) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets My $PIC hasn't changed to $XL after they changed ticker symbol. Why is your live support left me for nearly 45mins.

  • amanda57a amanda sweeney (@amanda57a) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets customer services appalling this evening been a pro client for many years and been told not even a supervisor is available to speak to me... @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets

  • tiatto1 Phil (@tiatto1) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets @mhewson_CMC He’s not done too bad actually, got a few goals too 🤪

  • Ledaannshaw2 XRPgal (@Ledaannshaw2) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets @OptionsHawk How come crypto has seized up on your platform?!? live help? Just as xrp was making a move!

  • ALotfi25 Ahmed (@ALotfi25) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets contacted your team today inquiring why it’s been more than a week and my dividend hasn’t arrived yet & their response was it’s our holding office in the US and we can’t do anything about it. Definitely not what you would expect from a broker? No service much?

  • MaKza Em (@MaKza) a signalé

    @OptionsHawk @CMCMarkets CMC isn't working well they often put down charts when the US opens or like now at a meeting I'm thinking of quitting them. I can't even lay an order because they log me out. I cant recommend them.

  • mark_rafferty Mark Rafferty (@mark_rafferty) a signalé de Lisburn, Northern Ireland

    @CMCMarkets Everyone is so stupid it's the end of the world already.

  • Arelayo Titilayo Are (@Arelayo) a signalé

    @enamara @Trading212 I’d advise you to avoid them! Not only are their rates terrible, their customer service is none existent and they take forever to refund you. You are better off with @CMCMarkets! They have served me with much better rates, withdrawal time and service! U re dodging a bullet!

  • MichaelNardone (っ◔◡◔)っ Michael Nardone 🥇 (@MichaelNardone) a signalé

    What ******** is wrong with @CMCMarketsAusNZ again? Swear this **** platform is getting worse and worse everyday! Can’t even log in again today! Would not recommend 👎 #cmcmarkets

  • DavidEagen3 David Eagen (@DavidEagen3) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets now pending orders are showing still in cue. Terrible platform. Retail traders are at such a disadvantage.

  • depechedmodem John (@depechedmodem) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets @mhewson_CMC That's only coz I've held ITV (via Granada/Carlton consolidation) from way BITDay. They sometimes send/sent me a divi. I'll prepare for the worst MH. All proceeds to charity ;-)

  • stuart_tewson Stuart Tewson (@stuart_tewson) a signalé de Mossley, England

    @mhewson_CMC @FinancialTimes @CMCMarkets notification bit slow off the mark!

  • CalleBaumgarten Cal. (@CalleBaumgarten) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets What is happening with your plattforms and support? - Support disconnect - Orders can't be placed - Algos not working Are this a one time occurrence or does it happen every single day?

  • dinotruc daniel walter (@dinotruc) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets payment system down for hours, no communication from cmc.

  • EmporosResearch Emporos Research (@EmporosResearch) a signalé

    @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets That's bad for markets m8

  • TonyNew28240763 Tony Newman (@TonyNew28240763) a signalé

    @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets It's like the markets are manic-depressive. Down at the open, then racing about like they are on fire.

  • BillBil21622288 Bill Bill (@BillBil21622288) a signalé


  • topsteplocal TopStepLocal (@topsteplocal) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets That would be great, otherwise it feels like the support staff just disconnect when they no longer want to deal with the customer’s issue

  • derk1946 derk1946 (@derk1946) a signalé de Blackburn, England

    @CMCMarkets Cash is going to crash with the global reset. Electronic currency and exchange will be in use. Everything is going to be global government approved/controled using advanced technology all devices will be self powered if you turn off, they will reboot and inform central command.

  • topsteplocal TopStepLocal (@topsteplocal) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets what's with your support? Every time I go to chat in my account with a rep, they just disconnect from the chat after a few exchanges... and there is no way to review the support experience after the chat is terminated... #forex #trading

  • aammiitt2 Amit (@aammiitt2) a signalé

    Anyone having issues with #CMC @CMCMarkets again? Lot of instrument data is not getting loaded 😞

  • mikejcoyle mike coyle (@mikejcoyle) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Maybe a bit more focus on the science and engineering rather than this could have more impact... ah but then you really don't understand those issues.. too hard