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CMC Markets est une société basée au Royaume-Uni qui propose des opérations en ligne sur les actions, des paris sur les spreads, des contrats de différence (CFD) et des devises sur les marchés mondiaux. Le siège social de CMC est situé à Londres, avec des hubs à Sydney et à Singapour. Il est coté à la Bourse de Londres.

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CMC Markets Graphique d'interruption 08/10/2022 22:20

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  • Login 61.10% Login
  • Plateforme d'échanges 23.05% Plateforme d'échanges
  • Website 14.41% Website
  • Retraits .86% Retraits
  • Dépôts .58% Dépôts

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CMC Markets Rapports de Problèmes

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  • mhewson_CMC Michael Hewson 🇬🇧 (@mhewson_CMC) a signalé

    @SallyBundockBBC @CMCMarkets Most people thought they would hike last November and they didn’t. Problem with BOE is I’m less certain, than if it was the Fed where you pretty much know what’s coming. IMO that’s a problem for the BOE. Their guidance is rubbish

  • WolfXrp 👹E=MC² Timeline Jumper🐃 (@WolfXrp) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets I want to withdraw my funds and I'm unable to do so. I've emailed on 3 occasions to solve this issue.

  • dinotruc daniel walter (@dinotruc) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets so last week trading down for hours. Now it's funding system!!! Makes a lot..+hardly any excuse for last week's mess.

  • DeanThompson777 One Trade From Zero (@DeanThompson777) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets All my saved layouts have gone when using web app. A collection of random chart windows are shown in various time frames? On phone app earlier my saved preset time frames had disappeared. I didn't see any notifications that there were problems?

  • pnshah04 Pratik N Shah (@pnshah04) a signalé

    Also to mention above, this issue started since Friday when your portal was down. It would be much appreciated if you can fix this issue urgently. Thanks @CMCMarkets

  • pnshah04 Pratik N Shah (@pnshah04) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets I am unable to login to my web based cmc platform. I am from Australia & have written emails to ur AU support & CM without much luck. I am currently travelling in India & it keeps telling me “Access Denied”. Shouldn’t I be allowed to login from anywhere in d world 🌎

  • kookie1492 Kookie1492 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 (@kookie1492) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Are you having issues with the platform again????

  • Ronniemarkets Ronnie (@Ronniemarkets) a signalé

    Is #cmcx @CMCMarkets platform down? Or just mine 🤔

  • Javad_2014 Mj (@Javad_2014) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets App doesn’t work can not login

  • Gasino11 Gasino (@Gasino11) a signalé

    @Greg__Clark Referring to cash product at #cmcmarkets @CMCMarkets which was trading at $116.5 when I tweeted, on its way down aggressively and targeting below $115

  • Hayleybae92 Hyun Bin Bae (@Hayleybae92) a signalé

    @MrGrahamAr @CMCMarkets how do we fix it?

  • Ms54645010 Mo (@Ms54645010) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets not working still

  • adamgeny Adam (@adamgeny) a signalé

    @hidflect @CMCMarkets Spoke too soon … was just slow and finalised resolved

  • Ms54645010 Mo (@Ms54645010) a signalé

    @MrGrahamAr @CMCMarkets thanks - but not working for me as of now. tried all

  • Ms54645010 Mo (@Ms54645010) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets not working - cleared the cache, tried other things. maybe the best fix would be to use another broker. the handling of this on a day like today is really bad

  • canciwano canciwano (@canciwano) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Meine eigene Erfahrung; immer, wenn es an der Börse etwas hektisch wird, gibt es technisches Problem. Anders kann cmc kein Geld verdienen.

  • HypocriteFlag ah whatever (@HypocriteFlag) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Can you please put a fix in place rather than telling people to contact you. i have cleared browsers cache and still can’t log in - this isn’t good enough !

  • aamirnaseer007 Aamir Naseer (@aamirnaseer007) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Customer services rubbish no one answer phone

  • BookofCrusty Archie Sanford (@BookofCrusty) a signalé

    @Norwaytrading1 @NZ_NFT @CMCMarkets Clear ur browser cache. They fooked this all up and are not telling people the fix

  • DeanThompson777 One Trade From Zero (@DeanThompson777) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Now able to login to phone app but not web app (both offline for 90 minutes since prior to US market open). Still no (automatic) notifications from CMC Markets to say they have/have not fixed the problem.

  • MrGrahamAr Graham Roberts (@MrGrahamAr) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets It looks like you will have customers who still can't login because their browser has cached invalid code/data. Let them know to either clear browser caches or use an Incognito/Private browsing tab in their browser.

  • stirlingtrader Stirling Trader (@stirlingtrader) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets The mobile app is the web app is still down

  • OctoTrading Octotrader (@OctoTrading) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Any update? There's too much volatility for this to be down 2h hours on opex day. Escalate to the most senior management to get this resolved.

  • dinotruc daniel walter (@dinotruc) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Any luck!! Not only are you super slow to report issue but 90 Mons after issue happened the is no update and no communication. Patheticly baf

  • PerthAndrew andrew_perth (@PerthAndrew) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets not working on chrome?

  • BookofCrusty Archie Sanford (@BookofCrusty) a signalé

    One of the craziest opens in weeks and @CMCMarkets was down again. Traders must be fuming 😤

  • Gasino11 Gasino (@Gasino11) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets It's been off and on about 6 times in the past few minutes! Just trying to open a damn trade! C'mon guys!!

  • kookie1492 Kookie1492 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 (@kookie1492) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets 45 mins and the site is still down. This is amateurish and seriously off putting.

  • michaelbalch Michael Balch 🍹 (@michaelbalch) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets I'm going to assume at this point that you have no DR or redundancy, and your customer service and staff are unable to communicate externally beyond this one tweet. It's not a good look.

  • pnshah04 Pratik N Shah (@pnshah04) a signalé

    @CMCMarkets Wow. 42 mins into the opening & we still cannot login. Surely you guys are planning for a compensation strategy