Est-ce que Google Cloud a des problèmes?

Google Cloud Platform, proposé par Google, est une suite de services de cloud computing qui fonctionne sur la même infrastructure que celle utilisée en interne par Google pour ses produits destinés aux utilisateurs finaux, tels que Google Search et YouTube.

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  • _jfeldman Jonathan Feldman (@_jfeldman) a signalé

    @mthiele10 @zehicle @ellenfeaheny @furrier @matteastwood @dhinchcliffe @sarbjeetjohal @awscloud @rwang0 @thomaspower @mdkail @AkwyZ @MarshaCollier @profgalloway @stu @efeatherston @evankirstel @Scobleizer @APGuha @TheCloudand_Me @NeilCattermull @Azure @googlecloud @IDC Just because you’re an AWS customer and have made investments in the stack doesn’t mean you think they can do no wrong (hi! 👋). As we used to say about the OS wars, they all suck, just in different ways, but you better pick one and stick with it til you can’t; be open to change.

  • sylviakwamboka_ African Caramel 💕💎 (@sylviakwamboka_) a signalé

    @googlecloud I have a problem with my Google account.

  • pwais pwais (@pwais) a signalé

    @abhinavsharma Once gmail becomes as bad as @GoogleCloud it wont be slick anymore

  • JacobKreider Jacob Kreider (@JacobKreider) a signalé

    @GCPcloud I haven't yet, but I will-- thanks for the link! For the record, I don't think it's a bug or anything, I'm just clearly missing something about the data structure and am hoping someone can tell me what. I'll reach out to support and see what they say

  • neeraj Neeraj Mathur (@neeraj) a signalé

    @efeatherston @dhinchcliffe @waynesadin @sarbjeetjohal @awscloud @furrier @rwang0 @thomaspower @mdkail @AkwyZ @mthiele10 @MarshaCollier @profgalloway @stu @zehicle @evankirstel @ellenfeaheny @matteastwood @Scobleizer @APGuha @TheCloudand_Me @NeilCattermull @Azure @googlecloud Nah, they will blame it on some #Marketing person down the line for that call and move along. Do another press-release and come up with a new fancy term/reason and still do the same. #AWS.

  • tim_mcbreen Tim McBreen (@tim_mcbreen) a signalé

    @dhinchcliffe @efeatherston @sarbjeetjohal @awscloud @furrier @rwang0 @thomaspower @mdkail @AkwyZ @mthiele10 @MarshaCollier @profgalloway @stu @zehicle @evankirstel @ellenfeaheny @matteastwood @Scobleizer @APGuha @TheCloudand_Me @NeilCattermull @Azure @googlecloud I guess AWS didn’t leave their egos at the door. I hope they get killed by that marketing strategy. Customers usually don’t like being told what they can or can’t do by a SERVICE provider. Microsoft strategy should be what will AWS ban next.

  • edelman215 Michael Edelman (@edelman215) a signalé

    @GCPcloud @kubernetes @HelmPack @HashiCorp The point being: if you're running a sophisticated, cloud-native, distributed system (which is a great idea) in production to support your enterprise, you likely have someone(s) that you are already paying to to do the hard stuff above. They can do the easy stuff, too.

  • edelman215 Michael Edelman (@edelman215) a signalé

    @GCPcloud @kubernetes @HelmPack @HashiCorp Unlike apps designed to run under very specific constraints--e.g., those for your mobile devices--there is absolutely no guarantee that your existing cloud infrastructure will support whatever app you want to install.

  • edelman215 Michael Edelman (@edelman215) a signalé

    @GCPcloud @kubernetes For instance, consider @HelmPack--the goto package manager for kubes--which, "help[s] you define, install, and upgrade even the most complex Kubernetes application." They also have an `app store` with one line installs for 800+ 'apps' (from the likes of IBM etc)--totally free.

  • SATINGAUX Sachin Sharma (@SATINGAUX) a signalé

    Kindly acknowledge this issue @GCPcloud

  • josepepepe90 Jose (@josepepepe90) a signalé

    @GCPcloud Sea serio diputado. Hacer lo posible no basta. No promulguen leyes que solo generan desempleo por sus afanes populistas. El peor congreso de la historia de chile se esta farreando el pais.

  • AlexJReid Alex Reid (@AlexJReid) a signalé

    @jacksonps4 @GCPcloud Really bad email.

  • bozkurtertan81 Ertan Bozkurt (@bozkurtertan81) a signalé

    @GCPcloud it's the latest version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). ok i will post it on your support page

  • downloadcue Michael Boswell (@downloadcue) a signalé

    I’ve checked hundreds of apps that all use @googlecloud OAuth, and not a single company puts this information on their homepage. This is ridiculous. We have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service we worked with our lawyers to keep as simple as possible on our homepage.

  • Hectorpatmar A Patiño (@Hectorpatmar) a signalé

    @GCPcloud Tengo problema con Gmail y nadie me dice nada -. -

  • Harmelodic Matt Smith (@Harmelodic) a signalé

    @GCPcloud Not to worry, had a chat with some Google engineers and found it was a weird browser caching issue that meant I needed to restart Chrome and clear some stuff.

  • Harmelodic Matt Smith (@Harmelodic) a signalé

    @GCPcloud The clusters themselves aren't down, as my sites are still working, but accessing them via the @GCPcloud console is just not happening.

  • DonHectorDice HECTOR RUIZ (@DonHectorDice) a signalé

    @GCPcloud Que lo lean y apliquen en la SS,urge, no tienen información estadística, ni en hojas de cálculo, les urge. También en todos los estados.

  • pyspam _ (@pyspam) a signalé

    @GCPcloud We also tried to get better insights and support from a GCP consulting company in germany but it was disappointing. It's not useful if you try to adopt OSS software, rebrand it and hope that someone is using it if you dont provide a good customer support or implement all features

  • Caged Justin Palmer (@Caged) a signalé

    @drewdeponte @googlecloud It is, but I actually owed 0.01, which is the problem with this email. It’s an example screenshot, not my usage.

  • Kaalimus Väinö Järvelä (@Kaalimus) a signalé

    @GCPcloud got a bit scared from the budget update mail from you. Totally my bad. Just browsed to the screenshot saying that my budget is 90% full and that it was way bigger than it should be. Had to log in in full panic mode 😅

  • theseanodell Sean O'Dell ☀️Texas (@theseanodell) a signalé

    @tcrawford @virtualsheng @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @VMware @virtualsheng I had to agree to disagree with @tcrawford. It is very misleading. While there is no mention of vendors in the blog, he does mention vendors in the tags and picture. But he has owned it and doubled down. More power to him.

  • theseanodell Sean O'Dell ☀️Texas (@theseanodell) a signalé

    @tcrawford @virtualsheng @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @VMware @virtualsheng. I had to agree to disagree with @tcrawford. It is very misleading. And pictures are very powerful and he knows it. But he has owned it and doubled down. More power to him.

  • vercingetorix54 Vercingetorix (@vercingetorix54) a signalé

    @GCPcloud Que pida medidas cautelares a la CIDH contra la corte por obtención a análisis de pruebas de manera fraudulenta

  • lawouach Sylvain Hellegouarch @ ChaosIQ France (@lawouach) a signalé

    Oh and the @GCPcloud errro messages aren't always helpful enough as they don't tell you what you can do to fix or investigate. Some of them do but it isn't consistent.

  • lawouach Sylvain Hellegouarch @ ChaosIQ France (@lawouach) a signalé

    well, @GCPcloud is really sweet to use and they have a fantastic documentation. The only place where they often fall short in my book is the description of which is the minimal set of permissions you need to grant your service accounts. You end up so often giving too much :(

  • Edge_compute Manoj shetty (@Edge_compute) a signalé

    What to learn after @Kubernetes , read about Service Mesh @istio @linkerd @AspenMesh @awscloud - AppMesh (managed service) @GCPcloud - Istio (managed service)

  • santoshmahto_in Santosh Mahto (@santoshmahto_in) a signalé

    @GCPcloud Hey I am facing problem in gcp billing account. Can you provide any support.

  • fedor Fedor Korotkov (@fedor) a signalé

    So here is what it means for @cirrus_labs. From day one Cirrus CI was designed to support not only any cloud provider as a target for running CI workflows, Cirrus CI launched with only Linux support on @GCPCloud but now Cirrus supports many OSes and all major clouds. 📣

  • GMariakis George Mariakis (@GMariakis) a signalé

    Anyone know anyone at GSuite (@googlecloud) I am trying to help a non-profit recover their hosting account due to a rogue ex-volunteer locking them out. They own the domain. The support we are getting is terrible. They blocked whatever is left of the site before the lockout.

  • Blockenomic Blockenomic (@Blockenomic) a signalé

    @SatoshiFlipper When staking goes live, they'll all have a bag. If they believe their own crap though and wait too long, it'll be a small bag indeed. If they don't really understand why we tag #DeFi #4IR @swiftcommunity @GCPcloud @Oracle when we tag $LINK then they may as well go all in on $xrp.

  • thelock85 these bars don’t bend (@thelock85) a signalé

    Also wondering how many student data privacy and security use cases @AmazonEdu or @GoogleForEdu could address in a hackathon with @awscloud or @Firebase/@googlecloud... or if this is a more of a fear/ignorance problem in school systems.

  • ZK82 zorion republicà🎗 (@ZK82) a signalé

    @GCPcloud My bad, a different issue... still searching

  • gcpweekly Weekly GCP Newsletter (@gcpweekly) a signalé

    With the 150th issue of GCP Weekly, AMD processors are coming to Google Cloud. #googlecloud

  • manja1227 Manjunath (@manja1227) a signalé

    @GooglePlay Thanks for checking. I've reached GCPCloud team regarding the issue and they suggested to contact GCP billing team which I did already and waiting for their response.

  • svdgraaf Sander van de Graaf (@svdgraaf) a signalé

    @sborsje @QuinnyPig @tyler_treat @GCPcloud Also the fact that it's 3 levels deep and considered a sub service of Systems Manager... It should be first level in the console.

  • recrdx GB (@recrdx) a signalé de Calgary, Alberta

    Pro tip: If you're releasing a highly anticipated product, and you have to get @AWS to "double your server capacity", "endure 24 hours of grief" or "downgrade to 2D", it's an architecture problem and you're not using @Kubernetesio. @GM #k8s @googlecloud @CorvetteRacing

  • randomuserid C:\raig Chamberlain (@randomuserid) a signalé

    @lukwam @durumcrustulum @Google @googlecloud @GCPcloud @christiaanbrand I don’t love bastions for one reason - too often they do not preserve or disambiguate user context all the way from end to end. And when I have a detection signal involving a process, path, or argument, I want user context without going on a log easter egg hunt across 2-3 systems

  • Paco06876542 Paco (@Paco06876542) a signalé

    Hey @googlecloud!! We have detected a trojan hosted on your servers and we were wondering if you could help us suspend this fraudulent IP address: Thank you!!

  • t_wirelex Wirelex (@t_wirelex) a signalé

    @PhilGoerdt @GCPcloud Never knew it has an expiration date

  • jerenkrantz Justin Erenkrantz (@jerenkrantz) a signalé

    @thockin @bgrant0607 @dims @GCPcloud @jaicesd @spiffxp @liggitt @saturnism Right - that's the crux of my initial inquiry - how can GCP customers be good allies to those dev teams within a support structure. Given that this OSS codebase is solely about using GCP services, I think it's less of a gray area than even k8s would be.

  • thockin Tim Hockin (@thockin) a signalé

    @jerenkrantz @bgrant0607 @dims @GCPcloud @jaicesd @spiffxp @liggitt @saturnism In this case it's not actually a support issue - it's an OSS thing, not "supported" the same way that GCP writ large is. Google "let's" a lot of people do OSS, but you have to separate the people from the place they work in this case. I get that this is pretty gray-area. :)

  • jerenkrantz Justin Erenkrantz (@jerenkrantz) a signalé

    @bgrant0607 @dims @GCPcloud @thockin @jaicesd @spiffxp @liggitt @saturnism Yup - Ray was able to see our 1-line diff and the back and forth we had in the support ticket (including being told *not* to use Spring on GCP) and took our diff to its logical next step. It never was a question about upstream - more about how to engage support constructively.

  • elithrar Matt Silverlock (@elithrar) a signalé

    @polleyg @GCPcloud @milesward Likely two reasons: a) you have an automated system pushing tens to hundreds of thousands of small files per day, and want to keep your load time latency down b) A Cloud Function times out at (max) 9 minutes - large load jobs that glob-match those files may take longer than that

  • Stephan007 Stephan (@Stephan007) a signalé

    @GCPcloud Problem solved! The billing account was suspended "for failure to pay past due amounts or invalid payment information". The linked credit card was still valid and after refreshing the payment method the cluster became active again. A better error message would be welcome!

  • c_beikov Christian Beikov (@c_beikov) a signalé

    @gunnarmorling @FranckPachot @awscloud @googlecloud PostgreSQL has unnest support as well. Expanding arrays, json and xml to a tabular form is possible which seems to be pretty much the same :)

  • Willy535 Willy 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 A votar, carajo!!! (@Willy535) a signalé

    @GCPcloud Sobre la seguridad ninguna queja, pero sobre el costo tengo varias pesadillas para contar.

  • marcosluis2186 Marcos Ortiz (@marcosluis2186) a signalé

    Good to read: @actiondesk is attacking directly @Microsoft and @googlecloud at the same time. Bold game, folks. You have my total support. cc @josephflaherty @fcollective

  • olucasmac Lucas M.A.C. (@olucasmac) a signalé

    @GCPcloud All my services on southamerica-east1 are #down. GCE and GKE.

  • jcavazos84 Jacob Cavazos (@jcavazos84) a signalé

    @jmolivas @gatsbyjs @GraphQL @GCPcloud What I really need help with is an automated way to grab the images and create a video that is posted to a website with notifications

  • mchmarny Mark Chmarny (@mchmarny) a signalé

    @GCPcloud * scale dynamically with load, pay nothing when not used (eg seasonality) * granular @GCPcloud wide access controls with service account, custom roles, and policy bindings

  • AstroWusain Brian (@AstroWusain) a signalé

    @googlecloud not enough resources on us-east1-c to support my vm! please fix immediately! I need a 16 vCPU, 104 GB machine with 1 Tesla P100.

  • bitandbang Tierney Cyren (@bitandbang) a signalé

    @arcanis @github @yarnpkg @Docker @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud Also includes automated styling of user commands and errors. Plus, copy a deep link to the line that you're looking at.

  • ClayCodes Clay Smith (@ClayCodes) a signalé

    @tagmisterandrew @googlecloud I have tried the service account route and get an error from the googleapi module of typeError. Ideally I’d access the token from the user sign in but I can’t find how to call that information for use with other APIs. #frustrated

  • flyinprogrammer Alan Scherger (@flyinprogrammer) a signalé

    My favorite parts about @awscloud and @GCPcloud are when you go to delete a VPC and discover all these hidden network features that get stuck deleting with terrible UX. It's almost like people release features without testing things. 🙃 #AgileFail #YourProductIsBroken

  • BarisBalic Most Leafy Basil (@BarisBalic) a signalé

    If you were thinking about using @googlecloud to create scalable distributed systems, maybe think again. We have such a low health-check quota that we can't actually deploy new apps, apparently they've had a support team and engineers on this (for 4 weeks).

  • PageDashApp PageDash (@PageDashApp) a signalé

    Apologies, we're having some server issues with @GCPcloud Cloud Run platform.

  • asciimike Michael 🔥 McDonald (@asciimike) a signalé

    @ok @GCPcloud @Firebase @vikrum5000 Gotta help me start my @asciim2 Insta account 📸

  • pwais pwais (@pwais) a signalé

    Ah, the reason @GoogleCloud GPU instances are so slow is because they don't actually give you the GPUs you requested. Have a K80 machine with one spinning at 100% util, nothing running (in /my/ VM). I guess you have to make up lost CPC revenue somehow...

  • rabble rabble (@rabble) a signalé

    Dear @googlecloud, it seems like you consider this an important business, but your documentation is full of nonsensical links, self-referential descriptions, and meaningless marketing jargon. You know it's bad when it's easier to ignore your docs and read the source.