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IG Graphique d'interruption 06/02/2020 03:20

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur IG. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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  • FocusPocus2020 FocusPocus (@FocusPocus2020) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp check your email support

  • arjoyrin Arindom Aich (@arjoyrin) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom Right, this needs sorting. I have done 3 trades in US in May. Got a statement which shows only 2 ( incorrect statement ) ; and this morning when I try to buy US stocks, its again asking for commission of £10 despite the 3 trades. I am a bit frustrated. Help !

  • Debasisj deb (@Debasisj) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp hey guys, can you pls pick up the phone (which i have been trying since morning) and help me as i am locked out of my acc

  • mvajdi Mehdi Vajdi (@mvajdi) a signalé

    @IGcom Hi, The Pro Real time on my demo account has stopped working since 26 May, no alert or email to le me know to back up my data!!! sent email 2 days ago to support team but no reply yet! My demo account is mvdemo , Name Mehdi Vajdi Sichani. Please send me my PRT data. THX

  • arjoyrin Arindom Aich (@arjoyrin) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp I was taken through a questionnaire and was told everything is fine..... but still not working..... have spent the whole day on phone with 3 different agents.... it cannot be this hard ..... please help @IGcom @IGClientHelp

  • arjoyrin Arindom Aich (@arjoyrin) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp @IGSquawk Am new to IG platform. Constantly rejecting my ETF buy orders saying complex instrument. Phone call has not been answered in 1 hr .... HELP please

  • arjoyrin Arindom Aich (@arjoyrin) a signalé

    @IGcom @IGSquawk Am new to IG platform. Constantly rejecting my ETF buy orders saying complex instrument. Phone call has not been answered in 1 hr .... HELP please

  • JasperTrades Jasper (@JasperTrades) a signalé

    @IGcom Wtf 😂 Nasdaq like 5% from new all time highs

  • BrenchleyCap Brenchley Capital (@BrenchleyCap) a signalé

    @HaraldHadrada2 IG won’t even fill me £1pp when bidding 310. Need to get a secondary broker as their execution has been terrible the past couple of weeks. @IGClientHelp

  • mvajdi Mehdi Vajdi (@mvajdi) a signalé

    @IGcom I tried to call your help desk but after was keeping on the line for more than 20m, not connected to one of the team members and I had to hang up. Your Chat service is disabled as well. Not expected this from IG!!

  • TomasPiderit Tomás Piderit (@TomasPiderit) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp I've made a deposit and it's not showing in my account. Please help.

  • LadTrader TraderLAD (@LadTrader) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp here's another GUI issue - I can't raise a stop on one of my trades using your web platform!

  • iamchefaaron Aaron (@iamchefaaron) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp Can you please fix my account, somebody emailed me and it's been days no response, everything is verified, but I can't activate my account. the guy in the email said it was because my employment information was missing.

  • jonstaf Jon Bradley Staf (@jonstaf) a signalé

    @IGcom Very Poor Service from U. No reply to Call or Email. I DON'T RECCOMEND. 👎👎👎

  • ltgonah lesley (@ltgonah) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp I've raised my funding issue with you for the past 2 weeks and no one is taking any action. Given the reputation you have, you are starting to look like fraudsters now. I'm deeply disappointed

  • LordMoultrie Lord Moultrie 🇬🇧 (@LordMoultrie) a signalé

    Been on the wrong bias every day this week. Worst week I’ve ever had. Gave it all back! Enjoy my money @IGcom Spend it wisely 😂 Will not be tweeting any trading advice anymore!

  • 21ant Anthony Hill (@21ant) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp Hi, I sent an email last night regarding the outage and a loss I am carrying. Could I ask you to reply today please as I want to close it off before the weekend

  • Alwayshedge1 AlwaysHedge (@Alwayshedge1) a signalé

    @ZoneBoner @IGClientHelp @Danny03974361 They do not reply or pick up their phone. Their platform only goes down when market volatility is at it's highest. Definitely something fishy going on with this broker.

  • RionTheSadPanda RionTheSadPanda (@RionTheSadPanda) a signalé

    @IGcom Still cannot access the mobile app. I have reinstalled, still not working.

  • EquityInvestme2 Equity Investments (@EquityInvestme2) a signalé

    @tozzer121 @IGcom #IGG Absolutely shocking service pi's losing money & they dont care - just send you to the Financial Ombudsman Service, making you go through system to get refund, rather than accepting responsibility & doing it voluntarily. At least the staff are all getting big bonuses.

  • stedrosuk stedFX (@stedrosuk) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp No inconvenience yet, but don’t want to be in a position when I’m making moves and the platform goes down on me

  • ZoneBoner ig.com is a scam (@ZoneBoner) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp they have an office in downtown chicago, its easier to visit, td Ameritrade doesn't **** their customers

  • JohanDXB Johan (@JohanDXB) a signalé

    @IGcom I can't cancel one of my orders and I wanted to pass another order ! Yesterday I lost during 10K during the bug and now you are having more issues today...

  • MBdaytrading MBTrading (@MBdaytrading) a signalé

    @IGcom down again shocking

  • getcakedpinhook JT (@getcakedpinhook) a signalé

    Couldnt write it, @IGcom down again for third time in 12 hours!

  • mafaanyao mafaanyao (@mafaanyao) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp It's not. The issues are still there. Why are you lying. Still cannot access positions again. Nonsense response.

  • chawlad24 Deep Chawla MRAeS (@chawlad24) a signalé

    @UnCommo63261329 @IGcom Same Problem this Morning 😰

  • calart69 calart (@calart69) a signalé

    @cookie270883 @IGClientHelp my issue was in moving stops in very large positions, service cut out mid move.. I have a paper trail of my plan for it but it's not like they didn't action an order that I had placed so it would be time consuming for me to prove.

  • UnCommo63261329 UnCommonSense (@UnCommo63261329) a signalé

    @DanielOptions @IGcom Same issue here - couldn't close my positions yesterday, then the same thing happened this morning again. The platform is broken !!! Please publish the loss compensation process.

  • LukeC72790124 Luke C (@LukeC72790124) a signalé