Est-ce que IG a des problèmes?

IG est le plus grand courtier Forex et courtier CFD au monde. La société offre un accès mondial à une gamme de produits complète qui comprend le forex, les indices boursiers, les actions individuelles, les secteurs boursiers, les matières premières, les crypto-monnaies, les obligations et les taux d'intérêt sur une variété de plates-formes de trading Web et mobiles de qualité professionnelle.

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IG Graphique d'interruption 01/27/2021 23:40

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur IG. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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  • simplyloveleeh 🅡 Satoshi Nakamoto 🅡 (@simplyloveleeh) a signalé

    @damonwinnard @elonmusk @IGcom Share anything AMC related mate! This is how the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor! **** the big boys

  • damonwinnard Damon.Winnard (@damonwinnard) a signalé

    @simplyloveleeh @elonmusk @IGcom doing the same. Just says error when you try to buy.

  • Travelcrypto1 Travel_crypto (@Travelcrypto1) a signalé

    @IGcom the app is still not working properly why?

  • budgetballeresq JayOne International 🇬🇧🇯🇲🇺🇲🌏 (@budgetballeresq) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom Why is a 24 hour contact number provided to sign up new accounts, but nothing provided for existing clients to discuss ongoing issues?? #IG

  • loveisaduel I am David (@loveisaduel) a signalé

    @IGcom hi, I have been trading PLUG in IG. What is the leverage? It’s seems to be more than NIO? PLUG price goes up and down dramatically fast. Please advise

  • kinderrbuen0 n (@kinderrbuen0) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp I am getting an error message when trying to buy ETFs, that i am trading a complex instrument currently not available to trade on my account. Could you please assist?

  • budgetballeresq JayOne International 🇬🇧🇯🇲🇺🇲🌏 (@budgetballeresq) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp , I have previously invested in ARKK and ARKF while being blocked from investing in ARKG and QQQ. Now I am being blocked from l investing in any of these, with the note that they are "complex instruments". What is the issue?? @IGcom

  • EtanBlanc Etan_blanc (@EtanBlanc) a signalé

    @IGcom Good afternoon, I have tried accessing customer service on your email and telephone services, I was wondering if i could please have my account verified, thank you

  • Woodysue gin&tonic (@Woodysue) a signalé

    @Owen4Mike @jpsc01 @IGClientHelp I actually find spreadex the most reliable service

  • MMitovsky Mr Mitovsky (@MMitovsky) a signalé

    @Lilalush @IGClientHelp TBF all brokers are down. I have friends in HK and US saying same thing.

  • Jonno_Dales Jon Dales💙 (@Jonno_Dales) a signalé

    @Woodysue @IGClientHelp It's a bad day! Sit tight and wait for better days.

  • hedgeguy2 Chris Hennessy@hedgeguy (@hedgeguy2) a signalé

    @BANGONtrader @IGClientHelp JUST MOVE TO THEIR NEW PARTNER tastyworks..never down..

  • BANGONtrader #100%Trader (@BANGONtrader) a signalé

    anyone else been having problems with @IGClientHelp #IGindex this afternoon 😡😡😡

  • lxkedevlin Luke Devlin (@lxkedevlin) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp I deposited £500 into my account but after your website crashed and I got back on it had disappeared. Please fix this

  • IGcom IG (@IGcom) a signalé

    @CurtisLoew15 @IGClientHelp Please refresh your browser and try and login again.

  • Andrea334506911 Andrea34 (@Andrea334506911) a signalé

    @shiftingshares @IGSquawk As I said a few days ago, @IGClientHelp your customer services is RUBBISH, you make very poor attempts to resolve most of my queries. I'm still waiting for a response to my latest email on a chain to you that I sent WEEKS ago!

  • The_MadStork The Mad Stork (@The_MadStork) a signalé

    @pjb2go @IGcom Yup. Was down for an hour on US open. Back up now

  • IGcom IG (@IGcom) a signalé

    @moneycrab @IGClientHelp Please refresh your browser and try and login again.

  • Woodysue gin&tonic (@Woodysue) a signalé

    Anybody else having a bad day on markets? @IGClientHelp your platform went down awful service now app doesn't log in either..how can we trade when your platform is down.

  • newvixtrader pmt (@newvixtrader) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom Fix it ! For God’s sake

  • pjb2go 🕗ontheup🕟 (@pjb2go) a signalé

    Anybody else having issues with @IGcom platform?

  • debshampa Pinky (@debshampa) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp How long do you need to investigate and then fix @IGClientHelp

  • Dan_The_Maiin Daniel (@Dan_The_Maiin) a signalé

    @DM32675446 @itsakarl @IGClientHelp IG not the only one down. But yeah its BS!

  • debshampa Pinky (@debshampa) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp Totally unacceptable!@IGClientHelp I been waiting from last few months to sell of few of shares when market goes down and so disappointed now

  • MBdaytrading MBTrading (@MBdaytrading) a signalé

    @IGcom down ! Sort it out please

  • scyong23 Liquid Gold (@scyong23) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp I’ve had issues for months and they said oh we have never seen anything like it. Laggy AF when there’s volume

  • MU05_TOY MHussain (@MU05_TOY) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp Why does this always happen when there’s volatility. Fix it we’re losing money

  • Mary33246751 Mary (@Mary33246751) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp Not acceptable at all...... hey IG clients pls we need to do something...... this is ridicules.... I have other accounts with other brokers.... I never have/had issues.... this is not even an issue, this is disaster.... 😡😡😡😡

  • k3books K3 (@k3books) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom gold goes down $16 positions open buying gold. goes to $1834 lost chance to buy when low.. phone trading is not practical. 3 times this has had happened last 12 months . volitility sorry NO services. is a theame.. no message in inbox. very strange

  • Rooky_Trader RookieTrader (@Rooky_Trader) a signalé

    @IGClientHelp **** YOU IG. What kind of service do you run? Missed a massive bounce you useless c***s.