Est-ce que Paramount+ rencontre des problèmes?

Paramount + est un service de streaming vidéo à la demande par abonnement américain détenu et exploité par CBS Interactive, une filiale de ViacomCBS. Paramount + propose des films, des drames, des actualités, des dessins animés et des comédies.

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Paramount+ Graphique d'interruption 04/21/2021 11:25

Pour le moment, nous n'avons détecté aucun problème sur Paramount+. Rencontrez-vous des problèmes ou une panne? Laissez un message dans les commentaires.

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  • Mémoire Tampon 36.07% Mémoire Tampon
  • Crash 18.03% Crash
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  • colleenxgal colleen (@colleenxgal) a signalé

    Ever since @CBS switched their streaming platform to @paramountplus I've had nothing but issues :( CBS All Access was way better ://// let's bring it back or fix Paramount Plus plz!!!

  • bigcomedown strange rock 'n roller (@bigcomedown) a signalé

    @KCWoSo @chicagoredstars @paramountplus 530? Good lord, let people even get off work first. Guess I'm missing out on a lot of this match

  • RangerJ33 Jeff Ball (@RangerJ33) a signalé

    @bigsbycrowe @askparamount Yeah. Definite irony. Unfortunately I didn’t know that “that” was the technical issue at the time. It would be nice if they told you what was going on. I’m fine wasting my time with commercials as long as I’m not paying double not to waste my time with them. Lesson learned.

  • MikewareXGR Mikeware (@MikewareXGR) a signalé

    @askparamount Is there still a problem? Only getting audio and a blank screen playing on anything with the app on FireTV. App version 8.0.12. Super disappointing.

  • gryknight9 Jody Fletcher (@gryknight9) a signalé

    @paramountplus I'm a bit disappointed. I have an ad-blocker on my entire network for MY protection, I am paying the $9.99 cost for AD FREE content from your service, I can't see your content because I'm using an ad-blocker. Is there a resolution to this issue?

  • Fropals1 AJ Frost (@Fropals1) a signalé

    @askparamount @plus_scam Nope, you didn't fix it. Hurry up and get it fixed.

  • Fropals1 AJ Frost (@Fropals1) a signalé

    @paramountplus .@paramountplus Not to be blunt, but your software is horrible. Please fix the app we can watch shows that we would like to watch. What is wrong with your app?

  • lukewlker l u k e (@lukewlker) a signalé

    @askparamount Every episode of the show I was watching has just disappeared. Whatever the issue is it’s not resolved

  • BigBlev BigBlev (@BigBlev) a signalé

    @askparamount The Good Wife is no longer playable. Help.

  • BigBlev BigBlev (@BigBlev) a signalé

    @askparamount "The Good Wife" just fell off your site. The binge is now broken. Xbox

  • IsCool Shaun Dakin #ClimateAction 🆘 (@IsCool) a signalé

    Dear @askparamount @paramountplus what happened to the #goodfight? It is gone from P+ 2nd-degree day in a row with problems. Time to cancel? #paramountminus

  • BigBlev BigBlev (@BigBlev) a signalé

    @askparamount Why has the good wife disappeared? The artwork is there but nothing is playable. Reboot no help. The binge has been interrupted.

  • Palolis_R Soy Palolis (@Palolis_R) a signalé de Denver, Colorado

    @paramountplus yesterday I had issues with ads showing on VOD (The Good Fight) even though I have an ads free account. I got an email saying the issue was resolved only to find out that there are no episodes of The Good Fight anymore. Only clips. What's going on?

  • Desimoriah Desiree Sanders (@Desimoriah) a signalé

    @askparamount Why are certain shows being removed?!? I was in the middle of watching and the app just stopped. Now the show along with others is just gone. Fix the problem.

  • JosieAurora lil bit (@JosieAurora) a signalé

    @askparamount Still not working.

  • nvilledunlop Joshua Dietrich (@nvilledunlop) a signalé

    @askparamount your paramount plus app DOES NOT WORK on PS4. Absolutely insane! It just keeps repeating the same entrance over and over and none of the controller buttons work. Seriously?? #ParamountPlus #straightgarbage

  • Desimoriah Desiree Sanders (@Desimoriah) a signalé

    @paramountplus why am I not able to watch love and hip hop Atlanta anymore? Please fix this problem.

  • FYoda7 FoxYoda7 (@FYoda7) a signalé

    @askparamount I’m sure you’ve seen lots of tweets today online about people who have paid for the commercial free Paramount streaming, but last night had full commercial breaks in nearly everything we watched. Was that an error?

  • ryankeefer Ryan Keefer (@ryankeefer) a signalé de Raleigh, North Carolina

    @eerosupport Can you update the content filters to work with @paramountplus on AppleTV?

  • jujudiamond03 🧸🖤 (@jujudiamond03) a signalé

    @askparamount the problem i was having was fixed! but sometimes it will keep lagging and my wifi has nothing to do with it.

  • BlueBetty107 Gemma Fox (@BlueBetty107) a signalé

    @paramountplus I started having the commercial issue too but then all but the last two seasons of Frasier disappeared. What’s going on??

  • AngelicTorbjorn Memelord #SUPERSTRAIGHT (@AngelicTorbjorn) a signalé

    @NickAnimation @Nickelodeon @paramountplus If aaron ehasz is not working on any of this im out

  • Leo_from_Ohio Leo from Ohio (@Leo_from_Ohio) a signalé

    @shauna_gm @paramountplus @NWSL having trouble too, listed as 6pm ET on #nwsl site & google but showing 7pm on paramount

  • RantingNRolling Sir MotorMouth (@RantingNRolling) a signalé

    @paramountplus why are some shows missing entire seasons and others missing chunks of episodes? Nobody agreed to pay for a half-assed product. How can you justify shows missing their entire 1st seasons? Don't make the same mistakes Disney+ did to lose subscribers. Fix your ****.

  • SKillerDublin Dubliner (@SKillerDublin) a signalé

    @paramountplus - possibly the WORST app on @amazonfiretv multiple updates a week...and yet still SO slow to search navigate and generally do anything.very dissappointing. I have all the other apps (literally) and they're all smooth and fast UI's in 4K

  • mikeyt64 Soon to be Purged GoGiants247365 (@mikeyt64) a signalé

    @paramountplus I had an issue with your service and have not received a reply yet.

  • funkygenes Rachel Stone (@funkygenes) a signalé

    @paramountplus How do I login to Roku if I paid for subscription using Apple ?

  • BadMonk666 Henri Issacson (@BadMonk666) a signalé

    @paramountplus Hey #Paramountplus, my CBS all-access PW does not work on the new site and your password reset process does not successfully update passwords. Get your act together. Disappointing.

  • newyorkmets1986 charles d. haskell (@newyorkmets1986) a signalé

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus Carter must think twice before forgiving Zoe. She needs to visit Dr. Phil and get help with her problem because she is a little too old to play this game between two men.

  • bensler3 kimberlee (@bensler3) a signalé

    @paramountplus Not to be blunt but you still haven’t solved my problem of getting ads on Paramount plus when I pay extra to not have them